Our Company

PER is a Professional Employer Organization that provides the solution to all of the administrative burdens of being an employer in today's ever-changing world of regulations and federal compliance. We provide a level of service that focuses on enhancing the productivity of your business and its employees.


Benefits of Working With PER

Administrative Relief

  • You write one check! Professional Employer Resources takes care of the rest!
  • We manage employee profiles, W-4's, immigration service forms, tax deposits, quarterly reports, benefit administration, wage and hour, government compliance and more!
  • PER conducts annual internal audits to ensure compliance.

Liability Management

  • Today's business owners are faced with many employee related liabilities: ADA, civil rights, age discrimination, OSHA and drugs in the workplace are just a partial list of the expanding liabilities employers must endure.  Using PER transfers many of these liabilities to us.

Human Resource Management

  • Employee terminations, drug testing, recruitment, job descriptions, employee discipline and customized handbooks are just a few examples of the services we provide.