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2019 Employee Benefit Trends

2019 Employee Benefit Trends

2019 Employee Benefit Trends

Companies have to stay just as competitive as their applicants, and the best way to do so isn’t always through a high-paying salary. Turns out, benefits are a big deal to the current workforce­. To help your business attract and retain top talent, here’s a look at some of the top benefit trends you should be taking advantage of for your staff.

Total Health Benefits

Supplying your staff with multiple coverage options is a great way to retain them without having to negotiate a higher salary, because employees are looking for companies that can take care of both financial assistance and healthcare needs. Beyond a basic health insurance plan, employees want to see vision, dental, and even life insurance included in their compensation package. And, they want to know that a wide range of facilities will accept their coverage.

Ancillary Benefits

Customization matters when it comes to employee benefits. With each member of your staff having a unique family, home, vehicle, and general lifestyle, they don’t all necessarily need the same benefits. That’s why more and more working professionals are turning to companies that offer ancillary benefits to suit their individual needs. Providing voluntary benefits, like cancer, accident, or hospitalization insurance gives your staff more control over their compensation and puts your company on the maps of even more candidates.

PTO Benefits

A lot of employees procrastinate on their healthcare if they feel like they don’t have adequate PTO, which can cut straight from your bottom line. When employees feel physical or mental stress, it can impede their work progress or even cause them to search for an employer who can better meet their needs. To help retain and onboard the best, consider bumping up your PTO or even including compensations like paid sick days, flexible hours, or opportunities to work from home.

Human Resource Services

To understand which benefits benefit your employees, you need to have a strong understanding of their wants and needs. That’s why the team at Professional Employer Resources (PER) offers human resources services that can help your business maintain a healthy relationship with your staff. And, if you want to upgrade your benefits package, we also offer benefits administration to provide your employees with the right ones. For more information, call us today at 888-599-4991.


The PER team is relationship driven, very responsive and just a pleasure to work with.  Sunit- President of a Luxury Travel Agency, Orlando, Florida

Sunit - President - Luxury Travel Agency - Orlando, Florida

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