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3 Reasons How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money

3 Reasons How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money

PER How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money MARFor the majority of businesses, both big and small, managing payroll is a nightmare. It tends to be frustrating, time consuming, and costly. Struggling with payroll week after week can put a strain on your HR department and company budget. In many cases, outsourcing your payroll needs actually saves you money in the long run. How can that be? Here are just a few of the reasons:

Cost of Outsourcing Payroll versus In-House

Something that a lot of companies don’t consider is, managing payroll in-house requires you to pay a salary, benefits, and time off for another employee, which is no small amount. Additionally, the cost of training them, and purchasing the required supplies like payroll software and office supplies really starts to add up.

When you choose a payroll service provider like PER, you’re only paying for the work you need done. Also, because our staff is expertly trained and experienced in payroll processing and all government regulations, your work is done faster and more thoroughly than an in-house clerk.

Time Equals Money

Handling payroll on your own generally means a lot of time spent researching tax laws and filling out paperwork. It’s just a fact that an expert will get things done faster than somebody new. With an outside payroll provider, you can take that time and put it towards the things that your company is an expert in instead.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

One of the biggest reasons that outsourcing your payroll saves money, is that you can trust us to get the job done accurately, every time. Ensuring that your payroll complies with all regulations and tax codes is vital for the smooth operation of your business.

Any errors during payroll processing can cost time, and money in the form of fines and penalties. That risk is largely mitigated by an outside provider, and if a mistake does happen, you can seek financial compensation.

If you’re tired of struggling with in-house payroll, don’t wait to contact us. Our payroll experts can get your business running as smoothly as possible, while keeping your financial burden and stress levels at a minimum. Call us today at 888.599.4991 with any questions.


I appreciate the efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service we receive from PER. The PER team backs up their tag line “When Service Counts”! They are helpful in all aspects of HR and this allows us to concentrate on running our business.

Sherry - Controller - Restaurant and Entertainment Management Company - Orlando, Florida

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