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4 Things to Include in Your Employee Handbooks

4 Things to Include in Your Employee Handbooks

4 Things to Include in Your Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are the ultimate resource for staff members of all seniority. These company manuals set expectations, outline essential information, and direct workers through critical points of employment. Because the right content in your handbook can make work a lot more convenient for both you and your employees, we’ve laid out the top four things to include in it. 

Company Culture 

New hires don’t wait until their first day to start making assumptions about your workplace, which is why you need to have your handouts ready before the start of their shift. Use your handbook to highlight some key components of your company culture, including the mission statement and dress code. This will prevent newcomers from mistakenly dressing—or acting—out of order, and it will help them to understand the long-term goals of your business from the very beginning.  

Benefits and Compensation 

If you don’t detail your company benefits in your handbook, your employees will undoubtedly ask about them. Include as much information about your benefits as possible, such as the details on deduction from pay, transferability, and eligibility. If you offer ancillary benefits, such as accident, short-term disability, or cancer insurance, outline those in your handbook as well. 

Employee Policies 

To make sure everyone is on board during the onboarding process, lay out your employee policies in your handbook—and the consequences of violating them. This will minimize discrepancies if an employee disrupts any of your regulations during their employment, because you can refer them to the clauses written right in their company manual. Important employee policies to include are:

  • Harassment policy 
  • Equal employment policy 
  • Conflicts of interest 
  • Leave policy (PTO/Sick leave) 

Legal Clauses 

Small businesses might feel safer from legal liabilities, but companies of all sizes can face litigation. Therefore, you should use your handbook to protect your business by clearly disclosing your policy on confidentiality and highlighting your non-disclosure agreement. To finish out your section on legalities, include a signature line to ensure that each employee is liable for having read the information outlined in your handbook.     

Need a Hand With Your Handbook? 

Employee satisfaction starts before your next employee does. Therefore, you need to punch up and put out handbooks with quick and quality results. At Professional Employer Resources (PER), we’re a professional employer organization (PEO) that offers human resources services and benefits administration. Whether you need help writing your employee handbook or designing the services that go inside it, our team at PER can provide. To get started on perfecting your employee handbook, contact us today at 888-599-4991.


PER provides solutions for my administrative questions and frustrations. The HR department has really helped my company to run like a well oiled machine.

Jim - President - Window Repairs - Orlando, Florida

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