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5 Most Desirable Company Benefits

5 Most Desirable Company Benefits

To attract the best employees, you must make the best offer. A generous benefits package is vital in helping employers attract and retain top talent. By providing the following desirable benefits, companies can win over candidates who value benefits like paid time-off over a pay increase.

Here are five of the most desirable company benefits.

1) Health Insurance

Because accidents happen, employees require affordable health care benefits for themselves and their families such as:

  • Medical coverage – high-quality health insurance options that include both HMO and POS, as well as PPO options for out of area clients.
  • Dental coverage – PPO plans that give employees the freedom of selecting the dentist of their choice and DHMO plans that provide coverage for orthodontic procedures.
  • Vision coverage – a large network of providers with annual eye exams, lenses or contacts every 12 months, and frames every 24 months.

2) Flexible or Remote Work Schedules

Employees are constantly trying to juggle their personal and professional schedules. Workplace flexibility allows employees to find balance by giving them the opportunity to adjust their work hours around their outside-of-work obligations. A flexible schedule can also include the option to telecommute by working remotely from home or at a local coffee shop — provided they work their minimum weekly hours.

3) Unlimited Paid Time-Off

Employees can easily get burnt-out or worn-down by the demands of their job. Some companies are beginning to understand the need for mental health days by offering unlimited PTO. The agreement is: as long as employees don’t abuse such benefits and meet deadlines by completing their assignments on time, they can take vacation time when they need it without first having to accrue days off.

4) Autonomy

Workplace autonomy encourages productivity, creativity, and job passion by allowing employees to manage their own workflow. An autonomous workplace is a micromanagement-free environment that is based on an employer trusting their talent to perform the job they were hired to do.

5) Life Insurance

Employees are also attracted to employers who offer affordable life insurance options such as:

  • Basic Life & Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance
  • Employee Supplemental Life insurance
  • Spouse Supplemental Life insurance
  • Children Supplemental Life insurance

Don’t lose top talent to your competitors. Let Professional Employer Resources help! At PER, we are experienced in operating day-to-day business needs such as benefits administration. We can provide you with resources and solutions to help you enhance the productivity of your business. For additional information on how we can help guide your company toward success, check out our frequently asked questions page or call us today at 888-599-4991.


Partnering with PER has allowed our rapidly growing business to focus on our core competencies. We are now able to confidently handle HR issues professionally and offer “large company” Employee Benefits to attract the best talent in our industry.

Sunit - President - Luxury Travel Agency - Orlando, Florida

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