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5 Ways to Run More Effective Meetings

5 Ways to Run More Effective Meetings

5 Ways to Run More Effective Meetings

You want to make meetings fun, but you don’t want to wander off task. You want to share some really important information, but you don’t want to lose your staff’s attention along the way. Put simply, you want to put a stop to ineffective, unproductive meetings in your company. Here are five ways to get started.   

Pay Attention to the Energy 

According to the 2019 State of Meetings report by Doodle, employees spend roughly two hours of every week in “pointless meetings.” If you’re questioning the meaningfulness of your meetings, look to your staff for answers. Send out a survey to get a general idea of how effective your most recent meetings have been, asking questions like: 

  • Do you feel like the agenda of the last meeting you attended was defined? 
  • Did the presenter of the last meeting you attended fully answer your questions? 
  • Do you feel that your presence was necessary in the last meeting you attended? 

Prime the Important Topics  

If you struggle with falling off topic, keep yourself accountable by creating an agenda and reviewing it before the start of your presentation. Highlight your main talking points on a whiteboard or PowerPoint so you can easily refer back to them throughout the meeting. This will help you and your staff keep track of the conversation and retain the most important details. 

Don’t Perform a Monologue 

You can effectively lead a meeting while letting others occasionally take the wheel. In fact, opening the floor to other speakers can add energy, introduce new perspectives, and cater to more learning styles. Different speakers deliver information differently and offer unique perspectives on key topics — so don’t be afraid to switch the pace with more than one presenter in your next meeting.  

Put in the Effort to Stay Late 

Holding employees to cram in more information isn’t going to make your meeting any more effective; it will just eat away at the time they already budgeted somewhere else. Instead of asking everyone to stay late, make it clear that you’ll be sticking around for a few minutes to answer questions and review key topics. 

Make a Practical Change

Some meetings are more effective than others simply because they introduce one small, refreshing change. If you’re looking for a practical, affordable way to add a little novelty to your next meeting, try: 

  1. Gathering at a new location 
  2. Offering a meal, snacks, or drinks 
  3. Meeting virtually via video chat  

Advice for All of Your Employment Business Needs 

Holding more effective meetings might be one of your current priorities, but it certainly isn’t your only priority. When you have so many other tasks competing for a slot in your daily schedule, it can feel impossible to get ahead with any one assignment in particular. Whether you need advice on meetings and management or administrative assistance with payroll and HR, our team at Professional Employer Resources (PER) can deliver. 

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we offer a range of services and benefits designed to help you from getting overwhelmed and overworked. And while we step in to offer our assistance in key areas of your business, you remain in control of the everyday direction. To learn more about our PEO services, contact us today. 


It is great to know that payroll, checks and taxes are in expert hands! The staff at PER are always accessible, professional, courteous, provide personalized service and able to meet all our needs in a very cooperative and friendly manner.

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