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The Importance of Records Administration

The Importance of Records Administration

The manner in which your business files, organizes, and retrieves records effects your customers, profits, and legal obligations. Therefore, it’s crucial that every company develops and maintains an efficient record-keeping system.

To further understand why proper records administration is so important, take a look at some of the reasons below:

  • Addresses both creation control and records retention to help balance the increase of records in various formats.
  • Improves efficiency and productivity by keeping records organized, allowing for quick retrieval of information.
  • Reduces operating costs by not having to use administrative dollars for filing equipment, office space, and training in-house staff on how to maintain the records management program.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance to avoid costly fines, penalties, and other legal consequences.
  • Minimizes the litigation risks associated with improper the disposal and maintenance of records.
  • Safeguards vital employee information by keeping the integrity and confidentiality of important records protected.
  • Supports better management decision making by allowing hire-ups to have access to needed information at all times.
  • Promotes professionalism by creating a well-organized and efficient business.

Though proper records administration is necessary for your business, not every organization can keep up with the demands. Outsourcing your HR tasks to Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER) can help you manage your records while staying compliant with state and federal workplace requirements. Call us today at 888-599-4991 for more information on partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) who can provide you with the resources and solutions to your everyday business challenges.

5 Benefits of Co-Employment

5 Benefits of Co-Employment

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) allow small and medium-sized businesses to improve productivity and profitability by providing payroll, benefits, and HR services as well as assisting with compliance issues under state and federal law.

What is a PEO?

A PEO is a co-employer and acts as an off-site HR department, providing cost-effective outsourcing of human resource services. The PEO legally co-employs its client’s staff, forming a three-way work relationship among themselves and with the client company and the employees.

What is Co-Employment?

Co-employment lets a PEO and its client share employee responsibilities. Typically, the PEO handles all of the payroll obligations and tax filings, with welfare, health benefits, and retirement benefits being optional services that can be contracted as well. The work-site employer still maintains control of all business decisions and daily operations including the hiring and the firing.

How Can Co-Employment Benefit My Company?

A PEO assists you with the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on the growth of your company. Other advantages to co-employment with a PEO include:

  • Allowing you to be more competitive with larger companies by giving you access to a network of benefits you otherwise may not be able to get on your own. These benefits can include health, dental, life, 401(k), dependent care, etc.
  • Keeping you informed of regulatory changes that can impact your business.
  • Assisting you with recruiting staff for leadership positions as well as helping you tailor the needs of your organization as your business conditions and employee numbers shift.
  • Managing risk, especially during periods of economic decline when there is an increase in worker’s compensation claims and terminations. PEOs handle these tasks along with other HR functions, so business owners can focus on continuing to build their company.
  • Saving you time and money by getting all of your HR needs met from one source instead of through multiple vendors.

Entering into a co-employment relationship can help boost your business needs, allowing you to get further ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you’re looking to bring high-performance HR practices into your company, partnering with a PEO like Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER) can help you alleviate some of the administrative burdens that come along with owning a business. For more information on how to begin a co-employment partnership with us, call today at 888-599-4991.

PEOs Offer Many Services to Fit Your Business Needs

PEOs Offer Many Services to Fit Your Business Needs

Although Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) offer your Human Resources Puzzel Piecesbusiness many services to choose from, you shouldn’t feel intimidated when trying to decide which ones will work best for your organization.

When partnering with a PEO, the only services you are required to have are payroll and worker’s compensation. That is because a PEO establishes a co-employer relationship with your company, and therefore, processes the affiliated payroll and workers compensation coverage for you. Essentially, the PEO is considered the “Employer of Record” for wage and tax purposes.

Because every company’s demands are different, it’s best to discuss with the PEO what you want to accomplish. Once the PEO has a better understanding, they can offer you additional services to fit your needs. Some of those services include:

  • Records Administration
  • Federal and State Compliance
  • Human Resource Forms
  • Wage and Salary Information
  • Management Consulting
  • Employee Related Issues
  • Investigations
  • Unemployment Management
  • Various Insurance Plans
  • 401K
  • Direct Deposit

At Professional Employers Resources Inc. (PER), we understand that every company is looking to meet their own specific goals, which is why we offer a wide range of services to fit your requests. If you’re a small to mid-size company looking to better your employee’s experience while at the same time alleviating some of your administrative burdens, we can help!

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will assist you with any questions you may have regarding the services we provide and look forward to helping you overcome any human resource obstacles you may be facing. Contact us today by calling 888-599-4991.

Whether Your Business is Big or Small – We Can Help!

Whether Your Business is Big or Small – We Can Help!

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) help businesses business womanbecome more efficient by assisting with administrative tasks. When your business has a partnership with a PEO, such as Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER), the co-employment relationship helps increase employee satisfaction, ultimately growing your business’s bottom line.

How a PEO Partners with Employers

For taxation and workers’ compensation insurance purposes, a PEO becomes the “employer of record” upon the signing of the customer service agreement. As the employer, you still oversee the work site by managing the core business, selecting staff to hire, taking care of day to day employee performances, and determining employee compensation levels.

The PEO reduces the administrative tasks by assisting with managing employment tasks, payroll and tax administration, human resources, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits administration.

Services a PEO Can Provide

Some PEOs require their worker’s compensation and payroll processing services to be used. In addition, many other benefits may be offered such as:

Employee Benefits

  • Health, Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance
  • Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Ancillary Benefits

Human Resource Services

  • Records Administration
  • Federal and State Compliance
  • Wage and Salary Information
  • Management Consulting
  • Employee Related Issues
  • Investigations
  • Employee Management

Additional Services

  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Credit Union
  • Pay Card
  • 401K Plan

Whether it be administrative or compliance, PER understands the challenges many companies are faced with while operating their day to day business. State regulations and federal compliance are always changing, which means you’ll need to stay on top of them to avoid hefty fines that can hurt both your business’s profit and reputation.

When you partner with an experienced PEO such as PER, you are provided with resources and solutions to your business challenges, helping enhance the productivity of your business. If you’re a company with a minimum of 5 employees who is looking for assistance with your administrative burdens, we can help! For additional information, or to learn how we can guide you in ways you can grow your business, check out our frequently asked questions page or contact us to receive a free cost analysis by calling 888.599.4991

The Importance of Understanding Employer Compliance

The Importance of Understanding Employer Compliance

While larger companies typically have internal HR departments and Orlando Human Resourcesa team of attorneys to ensure they avoid violations, smaller companies often lack the same resources, which puts them at risk for violating the law.

Regardless of the size of your company, you must always keep up with HR responsibilities to prevent receiving costly fines, penalties, and possibly harming your organization’s reputation.

What You Can Do to Stay Compliant

HR compliance should be looked at as a process of distinguishing both individual and group behaviors to ensure proper laws and policies are followed. This is done by integrating HR compliance with your company’s overall business strategy. While this is not a complete list, follow these steps to remain compliant with HR laws and required procedures.

Be aware of state and federal labor laws. Being aware of necessary laws will help ensure your business practices don’t violate your employee’s rights. Some federal laws include:

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows eligible employees to take unpaid leave for family or medical reasons, such as the birth of a child or a severe illness or injury.
  • National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) grants covered employees, whether in a union or not, specific rights to join together to better their wages and working conditions.
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enforces different requirements on employers concerning health care

Administer the recruitment process lawfully. Federal, state, and local laws protect employees from being asked questions regarding their race, religion, marital status, disability, age, gender, or ethnicity. Planning interviewing questions carefully when reviewing application forms can help minimize the risk of accidentally asking prohibited information.

Verify the employment status of all potential employees. Use an I-9 or Employee Eligibility Verification Form to ensure all potential hires are legally residing in the United States. Employers may only request documentation specified on the I-9 to avoid being liable for discrimination.

Post required workplace notices. Specific notices detailing labor laws must be posted in your business in a place easily visible to employees.

Comply with laws governing employee pay. Effective January 1, 2018, Florida minimum wage is $8.25 per hour. However, the federal minimum wage varies by city, state, and county, so it’s necessary to verify rates under local laws.

Guide managers on how to avoid and handle situations. Training managers on how to handle sensitive situations such as harassment and discrimination will help to reduce the risk of lawsuits, which potentially saves your business time and money. A great way to provide proper training is by including management consulting into your workplace.

Provide employee handbooks. Should a dispute occur, employees can reference a clear set of rules, expectations, and guidelines within the handbook.

Correctly report new hires. Under federal law, all employers have to indicate they’ve hired a new employee to their designated state agency within twenty days of the date of hire.

To help protect your business, it’s vital that you understand what your HR responsibilities are and how they relate to your organization’s compliance structure. The HR compliance is a process, which involves several rules, laws, and acts to consider. To help ensure your company is meeting all federal and state requirements regarding areas such as FMLA, FLSA, sexual harassment, ADA, OWBPA, etc., consider hiring an outside source.

Professional Employer Resources, Inc. (PER) can assist in all areas of federal and state compliance. PER understands that operating a business presents both administrative and compliance challenges. In today’s ever-changing world of regulations and federal compliance, you want a partnership with that can offer you a large variety of resources and tools. For more information on the services we provide to help better your business, contact us online or by calling 1-888-599-4991.

Using a PEO for Payroll to Help With Your Expanding Business

Using a PEO for Payroll to Help With Your Expanding Business

Your business is expanding, and although you may be excited to see your company thrive and be successful, you’re probably wondering how you are going to take on all of the extra responsibilities that come with the growth of your business.

Payroll administration is an integral part of running a company and must be kept up to date at all times to avoid any accounting or salary concerns. There are many federal, state, and local laws you have to comply with concerning employees. As a small business owner, you may not have had any issues with staying on top of your human resource obligations. However, as you gain more employees, having to complete payroll duties can become overwhelming and time-consuming; which is where a PEO can help!

A PEO can perform many payroll and HR functions for your business. Sharing responsibility for your employees through a co-employment system allows you to manage your staff while running your company, and lets the PEO take care of things such as wages, taxes, and benefits.

Outsourcing Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Using a PEO helps you achieve your goals by freeing up time and resources so you can concentrate on your core business. You reduce the risk of not processing your payroll by allowing an experienced organization to assist in making sure your employees always get paid.

After you tell your PEO how many hours each employee has worked, the PEO will calculate the employee’s paychecks and tax responsibilities. The employees will then be paid by checks or direct deposit. When it’s time for taxes and deposits to be filed, the PEO can also help you take care of that as well.

Although a PEO helps you with your payroll administration, you are still responsible for sending in all required paperwork on time, such as new employee information, time cards, or updates regarding an employee’s life event. If your staff doesn’t get paid on time because you delayed getting your PEO the proper information, the PEO will not be held responsible.

The Right PEO Can Give You Peace of Mind

It’s important to work with a PEO who is reputable and will work honestly on your behalf. You are giving your payroll provider access to the names, addresses, social security numbers, and bank account information of the employees who work for you as well as allowing the PEO to file on your behalf.

Our company takes pride in helping you alleviate the stress that comes with handling employee payrolls each week. Whether you have a small or large business, Professional Employer Resources, Inc. (PER) is happy to assist you with your payroll administration needs. Leaving the payroll duties to us allows you to run your business with peace of mind. For questions relating to payroll administration or any of the services we provide, call 888.599.4991.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Workers Compensation Insurance

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Workers Compensation Insurance

Employers who conduct work in the State of Florida are required to slip and fallprovide workers compensation insurance for their employees. Coverage requirements depend on the type of industry, amount of employees, and nature of the organization. By having worker’s compensation, companies can administer wage replacement payments, reimbursements for medical expenses, as well as any additional benefits an employee may need while suffering from a work-related injury or illness.

  1. Wage replacement benefits. If an employee becomes hospitalized due to becoming injured or severely sick at work because of the carelessness of someone else, they will have to take time off of work to recover. Because the accident happened on the job, not only will you have to give the employee time off, you’ll still have to pay their wages. The amount of money you will have to pay could be a huge loss for your business. However, if you have worker’s compensation insurance, you can prevent this loss. A percentage, if not all of the wages will be covered by your insurance, which saves your company a lot of money.
  2. Medical benefits. In addition to paying your employee’s wages in the event they become hurt on the job, you will also have to pay for their medical expenses. Depending on the length of time the individual spends in surgery or recovery, the specific equipment that is used, required testing which is performed, and any special care needed for treatment, the hospital bill charges could cause irreparable financial harm to your business.
  3. Funeral coverage. The Florida’s workers compensation system will pay a death benefit if the employee dies within one year of the date the work-related accident happened or within five years of continual disability relating to an occupational illness or injury. The money paid will help to cover funeral expenses, weekly payments to eligible dependents, and educational benefits to the surviving spouse.
  4. Retraining costs. When an employee returns to work, they may require retraining or rehabilitation for their current or new job. Re-employment services may include job-seeking skills, vocational counseling, job analysis, transferable skills analysis, job placement, training, and education, or other services which are appropriate in helping an injured employee return to work.

Having necessary worker’s compensation insurance coverage is a wise investment that helps protect your business and employees. With so many things at risk, it’s imperative to keep up with the exact coverage required by the state of Florida.

Professional Employers Resources Inc. (PER), provides workers compensation for all of its clients. PER will assume all administration tasks relating to the required policy while working directly with the carrier to minimize costly escalated claims and creating light duty work, which helps get employees back on the job as soon as possible. Contact us today at 888-599-4991 to learn more about the importance of carrying worker’s compensation coverage.


A PEO That Offers Management Consulting Can Better Your Business

A PEO That Offers Management Consulting Can Better Your Business

Hiring a professional employer organization (PEO) to assist you with A PEO That Offers Management Consulting Can Better Your Businessyour management consulting can help benefit your company in a variety of ways and let’s be honest- who doesn’t want to better their business? As an organization who includes management consulting into your workplace, you’re giving your management team a better opportunity to become more successful. When employee issues arise, a management team that has the proper training will be able to quickly resolve the issue without negatively affecting your business.

Although there are many management consultants out in the world, it’s essential to hire someone who’s reputable and has your company’s best interest in mind. The proper PEO will guide you in the right direction because they have the knowledge and experience to understand what it takes to help your business run more efficiently. Here are some ways that management consulting offered by a PEO can assist you with your business needs.

Advising Your Management Staff

A PEO can advise your management staff on how to properly handle a situation that could involve complex or sensitive issues such as with sexual harassment. It also never hurts to use an outside source as an extra set of eyes to help bring awareness to some common mistakes that can be made during critical processes.

Helps Save Time and Money

Making sure your management staff is mindful of financial issues such as controlling costs will help increase the efficiency of your business. A management consultant can assist you with your strategy development for making improvements and providing insight which can allow you to venture into new opportunities while avoiding common errors.

Assists with Employee Retention 

The performance of your business can become negatively affected if you are continually experiencing employee turnovers. By tracking the information needed to understand the reasoning for employee turnovers, you can come up with strategies to help reduce them and increase employee retention.

Let Us Assist You With Your Consulting Needs

Whether you need help with coaching, trouble shooting employee issues or implementing safeguards, Professional Employers Resources, Inc. (PER) has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your management consulting needs. We can create site specific surveys used for business improvements by gaining feedback from employees as well as customize training seminars for your company. Call us today at 888-599-4991 or contact us through our website for more information on all of the services we provide.

COBRA Continuation Coverage: What It Means for Your Business and Your Employees

COBRA Continuation Coverage: What It Means for Your Business and Your Employees

Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), many employees and their families may be able to continue the coverage they lost from work due to a serious life event for a limited time at their own expense. Depending on the qualifying event, COBRA continuation coverage extends from the date of the qualifying event for a period of 18 or 36 months.

Employers may request the full cost of coverage, plus a 2% administrative charge to be paid from individuals who elect continuation coverage. Working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) such as Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER) can help ensure a better understanding of COBRA and how it can benefit your business and your employees.

What is COBRA?

COBRA continuation coverage may be offered if group health coverage is lost due to:

  • A covered employees death
  • Termination or reduction in the hours of a covered employee’s becoming entitled to Medicare
  • A child’s loss of dependent status

Under COBRA, group health plan is any arrangement that an employer establishes or maintains to provide employees or their families with medical care, whether provided through:

  • Insurance
  • A health maintenance organization
  • Out of the employer’s assets on a pay-as-you-go basis

What requirements must be met to receive continuation coverage under COBRA?

Three basic requirements must be met to receive COBRA continuation coverage:

  • COBRA must cover your group health plan
  • A qualifying event must occur, and
  • You must be a qualified beneficiary for that event

What events would qualify an employee to receive COBRA?

Qualifying events for a covered employee which can cause him or her to lose their group health coverage include:

  • Termination of the employee’s employment for any other reason than “gross misconduct”
  • Reduction in the number of hours of employment

Let PER Assist Your Business with Your COBRA needs

At Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER), we have years of experience providing human resources administration services to companies like yours. In most cases, we can help provide the COBRA general notice and the qualifying event notice to your employees. We can also accept COBRA payments and administer the benefits in compliance with state and federal laws. Contact us today on the web or by phone at 1-888-599-4991 to learn about all of the benefits administration services we can assist you with to help make your HR department’s life easier.

The Benefits to Becoming a Certified Women-Owned Business (WBENC)

The Benefits to Becoming a Certified Women-Owned Business (WBENC)

In August, Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER) became certified as a woman’s business enterprise by The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Founded in 1997, WBENC is one of the nation’s largest third-party certifiers of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. Women-owned businesses that are WBENC certified such as PER can compete for real-time business opportunities provided by WBENC corporate members and government agencies throughout the country. Certain criteria must be met to become WBENC certified such as:

  • Applicant company must be 51% owned and controlled by women who are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents
  • Daily operation and management is controlled by one or more of the women
  • Applicant must meet WBENC standards through a review of documentation presented and a site visit interview with the female owner(s)

The Benefits for PER Clients

Corporations and government agencies are showing their commitment to encouraging continual diversity among their programs by including women-owned businesses among their vendors. There are many benefits to working with a WBENC certified business including:

  • Increased access to suppliers and procurement executives at hundreds of major U.S. corporations that accept WBENC certification
  • Additional community support among WBENC certified Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE) that extends to their clients
  • Access to a wealth of resources that your business can capitalize on such as capacity development, training, mentorship, and more
  • Increased network of professionals that allow the WBE to provide enhanced products and services for current and future clients

PER’s certification will help open up new channels of revenue and create partnerships which will provide opportunities that help fuel our client’s success.

Partner with Us

Building a partnership with a professional employer organization (PEO) that is WBENC certified will provide incredible benefits for your business. Professional Employer Resources (PER) has 20 years of experience in the PEO industry and can assist you with your administrative needs such as payroll, human resources, employee’s benefits, workers compensation, and more!

We are a leading provider of HR services for small and medium businesses who pride ourselves on the professional knowledge we embody to help improve your business functionality. Contact us on the web or call us today at 888-599-4991 for more information and to receive a cost-free analysis.

If you are interested in joining PER as a WBENC certified business and your company meets the WBENC certification standards, you can register on WBENC’s website and complete an online application, sending in all required documents requested.