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Are You Ready to Bring Employees Back to Work?

Whether you have already brought some employees back to work or are just starting your planning, there are many factors to consider from workplace safety and reducing potential COVID-19 exposure, to notifying employees of their return date and changes in duties or pay, to properly handling employee requests for disability accommodations. To assist you with returning your employees back to work, we prepared a checklist with a template notice to send to employees, as well as guidance discussing key obligations employers must satisfy to ensure they are prepared to bring employees back. Access these documents below and contact our HR Professionals for additional assistance.

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HR Myth

The HR world has no shortage of myths regarding what employers can and can’t do. Test your knowledge about reasonable accommodations.

Myth: Employees must specifically ask for a “reasonable accommodation” for a disability.

Learn the Facts

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Federal/All States
CDC Does Not Recommend Using COVID-19 Antibody Testing to Make Return to Work Decisions

CDC Issues Detailed Guidelines for Reopening

DOL Changes the Retail and Service Establishment Overtime Exemption

OSHA Issues Alert on Social Distancing

California Employers Screening Employees for COVID-19 and Taking Temperatures Need a CCPA Notice

California Executive Order Creates Presumption COVID-19 Was Contracted at Work

New Jersey:
New Jersey Issued Required Workplace Poster Regarding Worker Misclassification

New York:
New York City Bans Pre-Employment Drug Testing

New York Paid Sick Leave – Employer Action Required Before September 30, 2020

Oklahoma Gives Employers Immunity from COVID-19 Employee Lawsuits

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