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3 Reasons How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money

3 Reasons How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money

PER How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money MARFor the majority of businesses, both big and small, managing payroll is a nightmare. It tends to be frustrating, time consuming, and costly. Struggling with payroll week after week can put a strain on your HR department and company budget. In many cases, outsourcing your payroll needs actually saves you money in the long run. How can that be? Here are just a few of the reasons:

Cost of Outsourcing Payroll versus In-House

Something that a lot of companies don’t consider is, managing payroll in-house requires you to pay a salary, benefits, and time off for another employee, which is no small amount. Additionally, the cost of training them, and purchasing the required supplies like payroll software and office supplies really starts to add up.

When you choose a payroll service provider like PER, you’re only paying for the work you need done. Also, because our staff is expertly trained and experienced in payroll processing and all government regulations, your work is done faster and more thoroughly than an in-house clerk.

Time Equals Money

Handling payroll on your own generally means a lot of time spent researching tax laws and filling out paperwork. It’s just a fact that an expert will get things done faster than somebody new. With an outside payroll provider, you can take that time and put it towards the things that your company is an expert in instead.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

One of the biggest reasons that outsourcing your payroll saves money, is that you can trust us to get the job done accurately, every time. Ensuring that your payroll complies with all regulations and tax codes is vital for the smooth operation of your business.

Any errors during payroll processing can cost time, and money in the form of fines and penalties. That risk is largely mitigated by an outside provider, and if a mistake does happen, you can seek financial compensation.

If you’re tired of struggling with in-house payroll, don’t wait to contact us. Our payroll experts can get your business running as smoothly as possible, while keeping your financial burden and stress levels at a minimum. Call us today at 888.599.4991 with any questions.

EPLI Coverage for Healthcare Providers

EPLI Coverage for Healthcare Providers

PER The Importance of EPLI CoverageEmployment Practices Liability Insurance, or EPLI, is quickly becoming a critical part of insurance portfolios for medical or dental practices all over. As more and more disgruntled employees are taking to lawsuits when they think they’ve been wronged. These lawsuits have the potential to cripple or ruin a healthcare practice without the proper coverage. EPLI protects practices against lawsuits for:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination
  • Failure to promote
  • Breach of contract
  • Alleged sexual harassment
  • Wrongful hiring
  • And more

Here are some statistics that every healthcare provider should know you Employment Practices Liability Insurance:

  • On average, a US based business with at least 10 employees is at a 12.5 percent chance of going through an employment practices-related lawsuit
  • In the 2011 fiscal year, over 15,000 people filed over 16,000 complaints that alleged different forms of employment discrimination against the federal government
  • For seven years straight, wage and hour lawsuits have increased, to a total of 438 percent since the year 2000
  • Nearly 8,000 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases were filed in 2013, which is up 10 percent from 2012
  • 2014 fiscal year wage and hour lawsuits were up 4.7 percent from the 2013 fiscal year

With claims on the rise every year, the time to get EPLI coverage is now. The Employment Practices Liability Insurance market is competitive, but here at Professional Employer Resources, we can get your company the perfect amount of coverage for the best price. Contact us today at (407) 599-4990 with any questions.


What Service Does a Professional Employer Organization Provide?

What Service Does a Professional Employer Organization Provide?

A professional employer organization service can be a life saver for any new small or mid-sized business looking to get a footing in their industry. HR services are some of the most necessary but costly and time consuming services to provide employees, and outsourcing some of these responsibilities can have a major positive impact on a company’s efficiency.

Here are some services provided by a professional employer organization:

Basic HR

Basic HR services provided by a professional employer organization provider include the basic responsibilities of an HR department, such as keeping employee files, producing and distributing employee handbooks, and ensuring proper compliance with employment labor laws.

Payroll and Benefits

One of the more time consuming duties of an in-house HR department is the administration of payment and benefits. A professional employer organization will often pick health, dental and vision insurance plans, and handle all payroll services as well as the necessary taxes on employees’ income.

Workers’ Compensation Claims and Investments

Other financial considerations can come into play with HR, most notably handling employee investment accounts like a 401k or other retirement account. A professional employer organization can also manage workers’ compensation claims and oversee these proceedings.

Of course, a private and professional employer organization can do basically anything that an in-house HR department can and more, all in a way that’s more cost effective and saves time and unnecessary concentration for small business owners. For more information about the benefits of outsourced HR, contact Professional Employer Resources Inc. today!

The Benefits of Hiring a Payroll Service

The Benefits of Hiring a Payroll Service

PERTHE BENEFITS OF HIRINGMost businesses, especially small and mid-sized companies, don’t see any other option than handling their payroll in-house. However, managing a payroll can turn out to be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

Here are a few benefits of hiring an outside payroll service to handle your company’s books:

  1. Save Your Time and MoneyYour Payroll department is unlikely to be as streamlined as a company that only handles human resources and payroll services. This means excess capital will need to be used to operate your payroll department as a result.

Additionally, managing employee payroll is a time-consuming process. If it’s done in-house, your human resources department may not be using their time in the most efficient way.

  1. Avoid IRS Penalties and Payroll MistakesA whole department full of vetted payroll and tax experts is an expensive group of hires. Why not outsource payroll duties to a company that has a staff of certified experts on hand to handle every payroll and tax consideration your business needs with guaranteed expertise?

How We Can Help

Professional Employer Resources Inc. aims to make starting a business easy for every entrepreneur. By handling all of your human resources needs, including payroll and benefits administration, we seek to free you up to focus on the issues that matter to your business.

Call us today at 888.599.4991 for more information about our whole range of services, and how we can make your HR department’s life easier today!

Why Offering Health Benefits Is Important to Your Business’ Success

Why Offering Health Benefits Is Important to Your Business’ Success

image of healthcare workersMany large companies offer health benefits to employees as part of a comprehensive program to ensure the health and happiness of their workforce. It can be challenging for small and mid-size companies to follow suit – benefits can be costly and time-consuming to administer, especially when your human resources department is small or non-existent.

Consider tapping the expertise of a co-employment service such as Professional Employer Resources (PER) to help plan, implement and administer your benefits program. Here are a few of the ways your company could benefit:

  • Attracting the Best Employees
    As health costs continue to rise and the climate for business remains very competitive, health benefits are one of the top compensations that prospective employees look for. If you want to hire the best and the brightest, providing health benefits should be a key component of your human resources strategy.
  • Building Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Commitment
    Health benefits are seen by many as an incentive for productivity. Happier employees are better employees. In a climate that often feels unstable and insecure, health benefits provide a stabilizing influence, especially for those with families.
  • Paving the Road to Future Compliance
    Providing employee health benefits is likely to become compulsory shortly. Biting the bullet now will make the transition that much smoother. If you are in business for the long haul and are in a position to offer health benefits now, it’s imperative you do so.

Providing health benefits for your employees is key to acquiring top employees, maintaining their loyalty, and future compliance. By hiring PER to shoulder the administrative burden of health benefits, your company can focus on the business at hand while keeping a competitive edge. Contact us today at 888-599-4991 for more information on our benefits administration services.

Top Human Resources Trends for 2017

Top Human Resources Trends for 2017

PER Trends 2017Over the last year, there has been a shift away from performance reviews and a shift toward technology and outsourcing in the world of human resources (HR). In 2017, we expect nothing less. The top HR trends reveal that the slant toward the future will continue as HR leaders will make way for the new generation of employees. It also shows a trend to learn to utilize data and technology within their departments.

The Millennial Influence

First of all, millennials are continuing to change the way the workforce operates, and HR leaders would be wise to acknowledge this shift. They are the most likely to move through different jobs and to request alternative scheduling. This can make them hard to attract and retain if your company is not responsive to their needs.

Alternative schedules, in general, are going to be a large challenge for businesses as non-traditional workers are continuing to rise in the workplace. Non-traditional workers include contractors, freelancers, and consultants who need to be incorporated into the workplace culture of an organization even if they are not always physically present, which also creates security hazards as you have to share corporate data with users outside the network.

An Increase in Outsourcing

Another trend this year will include outsourcing HR and payroll administration. More and more HR departments are finding that instead of using performance reviews to motivate and advance staff members, the data about their employees’ activities is the best way to determine employee productivity. Collecting and evaluating data off-site is a possibility in most cases, so why not save money and consider outsourcing or co-employing your HR department.

Professional Employer Resources

If you are hesitant about outsourcing your HR department, contact a company with years of experience providing human resources administration services to companies like yours. Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER) is a leading provider of HR services for small and medium businesses. We allow owners to concentrate on their business by taking the strain of human resource and payroll management off their back. Contact us today at 888-599-4991 to learn more about our services and understand how we can improve your business functionality while relieving stress.

What A Successful Human Resources Department Entails

What A Successful Human Resources Department Entails

A thriving human resources (HR) department is one of the essential pieces to a successful business. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the factors that can turn any HR department into a flourishing part of the company. Understanding what HR should be doing is a great way to turn your current human resources division into a positive influence.

The main goals of a top notch human resources operation are simple. Duties of this department include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee Retention
  • Conducting Pre-Screening Activities
  • Job Assignments
  • Employee Complaints And Grievances
  • Mediation

If your current division is failing to meet these simple tasks, something needs to be changed. It can be as simple as a regular training course or as difficult as hiring an outside firm to handle your HR needs. The common goal is simple, if HR isn’t functioning properly, neither is your business.

Outsourcing May be Best for Your Business

The goals of a well functioning division are often hard to maintain with the constant demands from changing job assignments and regulatory measures. That’s why many established businesses choose outsourcing when it comes to finding the best workers for the job. This time honored selection is also becoming popular for staffing the entire HR infrastructure.

Much of its popularity can be summed up in one word, convenience. Having a company that understands the needs of what you’re searching for takes the burden off current employees and helps you get back to the business at hand. A properly functioning HR department is key to making employee and employer goals become one outstanding creation. No matter how large or small your business is, a human resources department can help.

If you or your staff are struggling to maintain a successful HR department, contact Professional Employer Resources at 888-599-4991 to learn how we can help assist you with your HR, payroll, benefits and workers’ compensation insurance needs. We employ top professionals who maintain the knowledge necessary in their respective areas of expertise to provide outstanding services to all clients. When you partner with Professional Employer Resources, you open up more time to focus on growing your business.

The Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

It’s never been a more difficult time to be part of the business community. With so many calamities that can befall a business at any given time, it’s vital to have an insurance policy that covers today’s changing workplace. That is why Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) has become a must have addition to any business’ portfolio.

How EPLI Protects Your Business

Workplace harassment is one of the cornerstones of many lawsuits against companies. Ranging from sexually charged rhetoric to physical altercations, a simple accusation can lead to years of legal entaglements. Legal costs alone could lead to bankruptcy for small businesses. With EPLI, every part of the business is protected from these bruising claims. Negotiators from the insurance plan step in with advice and direct strategies that help a possible defendant naviagte the legal world while hopefully avoiding any payouts.
It’s not just employee claims against fellow workers that are covered among these plans. When wrongful termination becomes an issue, having EPLI can quickly prove to be a benefit. It works to spare the company any humiliation and may actually help to prove the claim is bogus. From investigators to insurance officials with knowledge of termination suits, the know how and expertise of an EPLI team can make all the difference.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance has become a valued part of the business community. It’s never too early to add this beneficial choice to current policies. This simple, but effective selection will give every employer the peace of mind they need to make your company the best it can be.

PER Insurance Services

Professional Employer Resources, Inc. is a comprehensive PEO organization offering business comprehensive payroll administration, human resource services, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance coverage, and more. We also offer our clients additional services such as EPLI coverage, background screening and drug testing services if you partner with our organization. Contact one of our specialists today at 888-599-4991 for a free cost analysis.

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation

Workers compensation insurance helps to protect employees and the companies they work for. While being injured on the job is never planned, it can happen at any point in time. When someone is injured and unable to return to work for a period, you as the employer are required to pay them a portion of their earnings until they have been cleared to return to the office. The payment amount varies from one state to the next, as does the requirements for the employee to be permitted to collect payments.

PEO’s Save Time and Money

Workers compensation insurance can be quite costly, especially when you have a lot of employees working for you or there are many filed claims. Because of this, employers look for other ways to find the employees they need without the added expense of workers’ compensation insurance. Thankfully, there is an easy way to accommodate your needs. With a PEO, you can hire as many people as you need and let your PEO partner handle the worker’s compensation paperwork and process management if an employee is injured on the job.

Partner with Us

When your company partners with Professional Employer Resources, you’ll learn things like claims management and loss control, drug-free workplace programs, safety training, and much more. Let us handle all your worker’s compensation needs, so you can focus on the growth and profitability of your company. For questions, or if you’d like to work with our team on bettering the safety of your employees, call us today at 888.599.4991 to speak with a specialist.

Why Outsourcing Payroll Administration is better for Your Business

Why Outsourcing Payroll Administration is better for Your Business

They say that nothing is sure in this world other than death and taxes. At PER, we aren’t sure about that. At least, not when it comes to doing payroll. There are death and taxes, but there are also wage garnishments, employee deductions, alien expiration monitoring, Social Security verification and an entire host of other issues that have to be done correctly, every time that payroll goes out or employees are added.

The sad fact is, human resources management and payroll, in particular, has become so riddled with regulatory demands that it is near impossible for the medium to small business owner to be able to keep up without experiencing some issue with a regulatory authority.

The Benefits of Hiring Experts

To avoid these type of problems many companies and business owners have come to realize, just as they need a lawyer for legal issues and an accountant to take care of their financial concerns, they are better off when they hire experts in payroll administration services.

By outsourcing these administration functions to a team of specialists, you gain assurance that regulatory and legal paperwork submissions for new employees are submitted on time and correctly, employees receive timely paychecks, Social Security verification is complete, and more.

PER Can Help

The majority of people didn’t go into business so they could sit behind a desk crunching numbers, reading organizational manuals, and signing checks for hours at a time. They don’t have to, and neither do you. Contact Professional Employer Resources, Inc. (PER) today for all your payroll administration needs. Leave the payroll work to us so you can run your business with peace of mind. For questions or to speak with a specialist about payroll administration options, call 888.599.4991.