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How HR Makes Employment More Profitable

How HR Makes Employment More Profitable

How HR Makes Employment More Profitable

With professional human resources, you don’t have to make a huge business investment to get a worthwhile return.

Although Human Resources (HR) is just as important to employees as it is to the bottom line, most small to mid-sized businesses don’t have enough assets to design a proper HR department.

If you want to take your profitability and functionality to new levels, here are a few reasons to consider investing in professional human resources services.

Improved Employee On-boarding

Recruitment is one of the first things that loses priority when there aren’t enough HR resources available. However, failing to focus on recruitment creates a domino effect that jeopardizes other parts of your business. Hiring the wrong candidates can take up extra training time, which drops the profitability of your business.

Professional human resources providers offer solutions to bring the best applicants to your office and effectively guide them through the hiring process. HR providers create job descriptions and draft offer letters to ensure that the right employees receive transparent and complete guidelines for their positions.

Low Turnover and High Performance

Hiring the wrong employees or failing to provide a satisfactory work environment negatively impacts your profits in more ways than one. Poor performance leads to mistakes, which cost money. And, constant workplace hiccups can drive staff to search for employment elsewhere.

HR providers design award programs that recognize employee performance, initiative, and dedication. This improves staff morale, which translates back into the work they provide. When employees are functioning efficiently and feeling satisfied with their workplace, they are less likely to relocate or seek new positions.

Minimal Employee and Legal Liability

Every business owner tries his or her best to avoid legal fees. Hiring an attorney and scheduling time away from your business can really set a business back. However, it can be almost impossible to avoid risk if your HR department isn’t functioning at full capacity.

Fortunately, working with an HR provider minimizes a lot of company liabilities. HR providers offer services that provide company and employee insurance in the event of on-the-job accidents or emergencies.

A Professional Human Resources Solution

As an experienced HR provider, Professional Employer Resources (PER) brings quality HR initiatives to every partner. We offer professional human resources services that improve profitability and increase efficiency throughout your business. For more information or a free cost analysis, call us today at 888-599-4991.


I appreciate the efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service we receive from PER. The PER team backs up their tag line “When Service Counts”! They are helpful in all aspects of HR and this allows us to concentrate on running our business.

Sherry - Controller - Restaurant and Entertainment Management Company - Orlando, Florida

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