PER Human Resources – March 2019

PER Human Resources – March 2019

March 2019
Want to know the latest buzz in the HR arena?  Professional Employer Resources has a world of information in our newsletter. Not only is it fun, it’s resourceful! Including, important changes to federal and state employment practices.Eighty five percent (85%) of all employment lawsuits can be prevented!

How to Fire an Employee Without Him Firing His Weapon
HR Stories From The Front Lines*

The news has been inundated with stories of workplace violence — from shootings, to bomb threats — and no company wants to be the next headline. As such, employers must be extremely cautious in the face of situations that may spark aggressive behavior. See how one HR Director handled the termination of a potentially violent employee…*

(*These incidents really happened; but names and other details have been changed.)


Stay Up to Date on the Latest Employment Legal Updates

Cautious Optimism for Holding Disabled Employees Accountable for Attendance Issues
Does Your Company Website Really Have To Be ADA Compliant?
Don’t Tell Me How To Dress, Or Can You?
Employers Beware — You Cannot Always Require Employees Exhaust Paid Leave Benefits During FMLA Leave
Federal Tip Credit and Tip Pooling Basics
Going Wild About Service Animals at Work
NEW EEOC Case Reminds Employers That Sex Discrimination Isn’t Just for Women – Men Can Be Victims Too
Turning a Blind Eye Can Cost a Company High Dollar Settlements

California: California Employers — Are You Providing School Activities Leave?
California: NEW CASE: Employee’s Voluntary Use Of Company Vehicle For Commuting Is Not Compensable
California: NEW CASE: Major Changes to California’s Reporting Time Pay Requirements
Illinois: NEW LAW: Illinois To Incrementally Increase Minimum Wage to $15.00 Per Hour
New Jersey: NEW LAW: New Jersey To Incrementally Increase Minimum Wage to $15.00 Per Hour
New York: NEW LAW: Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Expression in New York
New York: NEW LAW: Coming Soon to Westchester County – Sick Leave
New York: NEW LAW: Suffolk County, New York Bans Salary History Inquiries
Pennsylvania: NEW LAW: Predictive Scheduling Coming to Philadelphia

Do you have an HR question keeping you up at night?
The following question was submitted to our HR Professionals in the past month …
Question #1
We have an exempt employee who has been out on a leave of absence since mid-January. This employee has been choosing to work 2-3 hours every day. How should I compensate this employee for the time worked? Do I pay him just for the hours worked or am I required to pay the employee his full weekly salary?

Question #2
We have an employee who was recently in a (non-work-related) car accident and is going to be off work for several weeks. This employee is asking for FMLA leave. What are our responsibilities with respect to providing this employee with FMLA?

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Deductions To An Exempt Employee’s Salary


Brain Teaser

You know deductions to an exempt employee’s salary are limited under federal and sometimes state law. You have an exempt employee who quit in the middle of a workweek. The employee states you must pay her for the entire week.

How should you handle this issue?

  1. You must pay the employee for the entire week.
  2. During the initial or terminal week of employment an individual’s pay may be reduced to reflect days actually worked.
  3. You are not required to pay any portion of the week since the employee ended employment in the middle of a workweek.

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