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The Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

It’s never been a more difficult time to be part of the business community. With so many calamities that can befall a business at any given time, it’s vital to have an insurance policy that covers today’s changing workplace. That is why Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) has become a must have addition to any business’ portfolio.

How EPLI Protects Your Business

Workplace harassment is one of the cornerstones of many lawsuits against companies. Ranging from sexually charged rhetoric to physical altercations, a simple accusation can lead to years of legal entaglements. Legal costs alone could lead to bankruptcy for small businesses. With EPLI, every part of the business is protected from these bruising claims. Negotiators from the insurance plan step in with advice and direct strategies that help a possible defendant naviagte the legal world while hopefully avoiding any payouts.
It’s not just employee claims against fellow workers that are covered among these plans. When wrongful termination becomes an issue, having EPLI can quickly prove to be a benefit. It works to spare the company any humiliation and may actually help to prove the claim is bogus. From investigators to insurance officials with knowledge of termination suits, the know how and expertise of an EPLI team can make all the difference.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance has become a valued part of the business community. It’s never too early to add this beneficial choice to current policies. This simple, but effective selection will give every employer the peace of mind they need to make your company the best it can be.

PER Insurance Services

Professional Employer Resources, Inc. is a comprehensive PEO organization offering business comprehensive payroll administration, human resource services, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance coverage, and more. We also offer our clients additional services such as EPLI coverage, background screening and drug testing services if you partner with our organization. Contact one of our specialists today at 888-599-4991 for a free cost analysis.


Our company has been using PER for 10+ years. PER always bends over backwards to make sure we get what we need when we need it. Great company, great people!

John - Controller - Communications Company - Greater Orlando Area

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