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The Most Sought After Company Benefits

The Most Sought After Company Benefits

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A generous benefits package is the best strategy to attract and retain talent. Google is famous for their over-the-top perks such as lunch made by professional chefs, haircuts, biweekly massages, and yoga classes, while Twitter offers acupuncture and wellness classes to employees. While not all companies can manage to afford such unusual perks and benefits, it’s evident that employees often prefer such benefits over a pay raise. Therefore, you don’t need to break the bank to keep your employees happy. Here are some most sought-after company benefits that will help you attract and retain quality talent.

Telecommuting and Flexible Working Arrangements

Remote working capabilities and flexible scheduling are some of the main perks that employees favor. In fact, according to, the capability to work from home is more valuable to tech pros compared to increased compensation. While a pay cut might not be a perk, most tech pros were willing to cut their wages by a certain percentage to be able to work remotely.

Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave for caregivers and parents is perhaps the most coveted of all benefits for those with a family. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the number of employers offering paid parental leave increased from 26% in 2016 to 35% in 2018. The rates of surrogacy, adoption, and foster children also increased.

Career Training and Development

Career and professional development seem to be a priority for most employees looking to sharpen their skills and move fast in the job market. A third of employees expressively seek for opportunities for advancement as a job perk.

Wellness Programs

Statistics show that companies offering wellness programs fill job vacancies 19.7 days faster than companies without this benefit program. Companies do not necessarily have to provide an on-site gym, nutritionist, or enrollment in a weight control program, but such perks are lucrative to potential hires.

Other attractive benefits and perks sought by employees include:

  • Student loan repayment
  • Healthy lifestyle and coaching
  • Financial planning resources
  • Pet-friendly environment and pet insurance

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