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Tips for Producing Successful Interns

Tips for Producing Successful Interns

Internships are mutually-beneficial business relationships between employers and students preparing to enter the workforce. Incorrectly thought of as free labor in exchange for real-world office experience, internships actually present an opportunity for your company to gain new insights and a boost of energy from ambitious interns who can help motivate your jaded staff by injecting them with fresh ideas and positivity. To discover and mold such inspiring, productive, and promising individuals, here are some tips you should follow when hiring interns.

Write a Compelling Internship Description

When drafting your internship posting, provide clarity by clearly laying out all assigned duties and expectations of the internship. In order to only attract qualified candidates, be sure to include the following details:

  • Duration of internship
  • Estimated weekly schedule and hours
  • Expected compensation or school credit
  • Name of managing supervisor
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Required skills
  • Dress code

Pay Your Intern

If it’s within your budget to offer a paid internship, then do so — even if they are receiving school credit. Not only can paid interns be assigned to help with more meaningful projects, but they will also be more reliable workers if they are being paid. Paid internships also offer flexibility by avoiding the strict guidelines and legal risks that are presented by unpaid interns who are overworked.

Protect Your Intern

Because they are exposed to the same types of risks that can harm the other members of your staff, your interns — both paid and unpaid — need to be covered in the event of a workplace accident. State law may even require you to provide workers’ compensation coverage to your interns.

Guide Your Intern

Your interns won’t instinctively know how to navigate the workplace. Therefore, it is your responsibility to groom them from awkward interns into young professionals. You can achieve this by setting clear boundaries and guidelines on workplace etiquette and appropriateness. Also, give your interns actual responsibilities, both mundane and interesting, with deadlines to see how they handle pressure. If they make mistakes, let them learn from them through constructive criticism and constant feedback. Your interns may be the future of your company, so be sure to make their internship a worthwhile experience.

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