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Tips for Writing the Perfect Job Description

Tips for Writing the Perfect Job Description

Recruiting is an extremely competitive industry. Many potential, PER Tips for Writing the Perfect Job Description Image SEPTqualified employees have looked up hundreds of job postings, but have refrained from applying simply because of the way the job was listed. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing job descriptions.

Grab the reader’s attention from the start. Think about what type of candidate you’re looking to hire and consider things that may appeal to him or her. Use objective questions or statements, such as “Want to work for a caring company that makes the world a safer place?” Formulate your introduction according to what you think your target audience will be looking for.

Be aware of how you use the words preferred and required. Many times, a candidate may not check every box on your list of preferred qualifications and experiences. Unless a specific license or distinct way of thinking is required, try not to express that the candidate needs to meet every single qualification in order to be considered for the position. Many qualified candidates will not apply if they do not meet all of the preferred and required qualifications for fear they are not suitable.

Keep it simple. The more specific your ad is, the less potential it has to match candidates to your profile. You should list three to five essential responsibilities needed to be successful in that job. In addition, list basic skills you’re looking for such as education, experience, and whether a candidate needs previous supervisory experience.

Give your job post some personality. Show the personality of the company through the job descriptions. No one wants to work with robots. The tone you give will set you apart and allow potential candidates to get a better understanding of how they would fit in to your company. Another element to keep in mind is to focus on the reader rather than the employer.

Make it easy to apply. Think of your job description as a sales pitch and use a call to action to encourage candidates to apply. Also, if an application is too long or complicated, some applicants may not bother reading the application all the way through. Lastly, make sure you include up-to-date contact information so potential candidates can get a hold of someone at your company easily if they want to apply.

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