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Top Human Resources Trends for 2017

Top Human Resources Trends for 2017

PER Trends 2017Over the last year, there has been a shift away from performance reviews and a shift toward technology and outsourcing in the world of human resources (HR). In 2017, we expect nothing less. The top HR trends reveal that the slant toward the future will continue as HR leaders will make way for the new generation of employees. It also shows a trend to learn to utilize data and technology within their departments.

The Millennial Influence

First of all, millennials are continuing to change the way the workforce operates, and HR leaders would be wise to acknowledge this shift. They are the most likely to move through different jobs and to request alternative scheduling. This can make them hard to attract and retain if your company is not responsive to their needs.

Alternative schedules, in general, are going to be a large challenge for businesses as non-traditional workers are continuing to rise in the workplace. Non-traditional workers include contractors, freelancers, and consultants who need to be incorporated into the workplace culture of an organization even if they are not always physically present, which also creates security hazards as you have to share corporate data with users outside the network.

An Increase in Outsourcing

Another trend this year will include outsourcing HR and payroll administration. More and more HR departments are finding that instead of using performance reviews to motivate and advance staff members, the data about their employees’ activities is the best way to determine employee productivity. Collecting and evaluating data off-site is a possibility in most cases, so why not save money and consider outsourcing or co-employing your HR department.

Professional Employer Resources

If you are hesitant about outsourcing your HR department, contact a company with years of experience providing human resources administration services to companies like yours. Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER) is a leading provider of HR services for small and medium businesses. We allow owners to concentrate on their business by taking the strain of human resource and payroll management off their back. Contact us today at 888-599-4991 to learn more about our services and understand how we can improve your business functionality while relieving stress.


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