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What is Human Resources

What Is Human Resources?

What Is Human Resources?

As more than just a point of contact to update marital status, change company life insurance beneficiaries, or request vacation time, Human Resources (HR) is the department that manages virtually everything related to your employees.

From the first introduction to the last paycheck, HR addresses employee concerns, improves communication, and provides consultation that enhances company culture.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the HR services that make every day more efficient and convenient for you and your workers.

Records Administration

HR departments are responsible for maintaining and storing employee records as a part of records administration.

Records administration also includes the safe destruction of employee files once the facility has reached retention limits.

Federal and State Compliance

Compliance and regulation are large parts of HR. HR departments must adhere to government regulations such as FLSA, EEOC, I-9, and ADA.

The member of an HR department may also assist with investigations in partnership with the federal government to further these regulations.

Human Resource Forms

HR drafts and provides most of the forms that employees must complete during their time with your company. And, every employee must consult HR in order to make the changes or updates on these forms.

Whether a worker wants to request time off or change their company mailing address, they must reach out to HR.

Wage and Salary Information

The HR department doesn’t only provide solutions to active employees. HR can also design job descriptions, draft job offer letters, and classify employees during the hiring process.

Similarly, when an employee is leaving, HR can deliver severance agreements and provide documents for the termination process.

Management Consulting

Promoting company culture and improving employee morale is another one of the ways that HR makes a difference to internal performance.

HR is a strong reference when developing health and wellness training programs for employees, such as sexual harassment training, safety training, and performance training.

Find the Right HR Provider

The many roles of an HR department are often too much for a business owner to tackle on top of everyday duties. Fortunately,

Professional Employer Resources is a seasoned HR Provider that can assist with the tasks above and provide many other employee solutions. Contact us today for more information and to receive a complimentary cost analysis.


Our company has been using PER for 10+ years. PER always bends over backwards to make sure we get what we need when we need it. Great company, great people!

John - Controller - Communications Company - Greater Orlando Area

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