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What to Do When Employees Discuss Their Pay at Work

What to Do When Employees Discuss Their Pay at Work

As an employer, you will realize that not all of your employees will be content with the pay they get. Therefore, you can expect them to discuss and compare their wages. In some instances, such discussion can lead to unrest in the workplace mostly due to feelings of jealousy and inequality. As such, you should have a workaround plan to quell any frustrations that come from pay-related tension. Below are tips on how you can effectively handle employee wage disputes at work.

Employer Strategies to Combat Pay Disputes

The best way to ensure you quell the habit of discussing salaries is by ensuring that you have a positive working relationship with your employees. This can be achieved by implementing the following strategies:

  • Pay your employees fairly. Before deciding what your starting pay should be for each position, review your financial records and determine whether such wages are reasonable. Additionally, compare your wages to those of your competitors as that can be the main cause of wage discussion.
  • Develop a habitable workplace. Every competent employee wants to have a voice and be recognized for their efforts. Therefore, they may have their own ideas and suggestions with regards to how the organization can improve efficiency. Acknowledge such ideas, questions, or observations and ensure that your employees feel valued and treated with respect, consideration, and without bias.
  • Have a clear salary range outline. In most scenarios, pay at work discussions start when employees start comparing their pay with that of their colleagues. To prevent this, you should ensure that your employees understand it is their job potential that determines their salary. This potential depends on experience, skills, certification, and rank within the institution.
  • Put in place a complaint resolution strategy. Before your employees start discussing their pay amongst each other, they likely will have tried to air their grievances with management. If you have a good complaint resolution strategy, these grievances will be addressed on time and salary discussions will be avoided.

Professional Employee Counseling

Employees are entitled to discuss their salaries, but that can have negative repercussions for your business. Therefore, you should avoid such scenarios at all costs. At PER, we are an experienced  Professional Employer Organization and can assist you with employee counseling and discipline, if necessary. We can also help  operate your day-to-day business needs such as payroll administration, worker’s compensation, and more. Contact us today at 888-599-4991 to learn more about our productivity-enhancing services.


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