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When to Hire a PEO

When to Hire a PEO

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a phenomenal way to PER When to Hire a PEO MAYmanage certain aspects of your company. PEOs form a partnership with companies, and through outsourcing, they assist with a variety of services such as payroll, human resources, benefits and workers compensation, just to name a few.  As any business owner may come to realize, these are all concerns and services to be taken care of in the standard running of any company.  Professional Employer Resources, Inc. is a one stop shop PEO organization that may provide you cost effective solutions to your problems.

The Role of a PEO

Hiring a professional employer organization benefits you by assisting with the load of many administrative duties. Having professionals trained in the handling of such tasks is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your business. A PEO reduces the need to have entire departments dedicated toward taxes, human resources, and worker’s compensation. When you hire a professional employer organization, you allow yourself the ease of simply writing one check to the PEO instead of devoting a substantial number of your staff toward all of these tasks individually. If you are interested in running your business with maximum efficiency, it is time to hire a professional employer organization.

PEO Assistance with PER

As a business owner, you understand the many needs of your company along with the impracticality of trying to address them all yourself. That is why at Professional Employer Resources, Inc. (PER), we assist you in finding solutions and relieving you of many time consuming administrative tasks that burden your potential to grow. Our professionals are well trained and can ensure that your business is run effectively and efficiently. For more information, call us at 888-599-4991 and ask about our free cost analysis today.


With PER you feel like family. All of the personnel are always willing to help. Every time I call, I never hang up dissatisfied. They have my back in times of distress.

Tracy - Manager - Real Estate Management Company - Orlando, Florida

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