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Whether Your Business is Big or Small – We Can Help!

Whether Your Business is Big or Small – We Can Help!

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) help businesses business womanbecome more efficient by assisting with administrative tasks. When your business has a partnership with a PEO, such as Professional Employer Resources Inc. (PER), the co-employment relationship helps increase employee satisfaction, ultimately growing your business’s bottom line.

How a PEO Partners with Employers

For taxation and workers’ compensation insurance purposes, a PEO becomes the “employer of record” upon the signing of the customer service agreement. As the employer, you still oversee the work site by managing the core business, selecting staff to hire, taking care of day to day employee performances, and determining employee compensation levels.

The PEO reduces the administrative tasks by assisting with managing employment tasks, payroll and tax administration, human resources, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits administration.

Services a PEO Can Provide

Some PEOs require their worker’s compensation and payroll processing services to be used. In addition, many other benefits may be offered such as:

Employee Benefits

  • Health, Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance
  • Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Ancillary Benefits

Human Resource Services

  • Records Administration
  • Federal and State Compliance
  • Wage and Salary Information
  • Management Consulting
  • Employee Related Issues
  • Investigations
  • Employee Management

Additional Services

  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Credit Union
  • Pay Card
  • 401K Plan

Whether it be administrative or compliance, PER understands the challenges many companies are faced with while operating their day to day business. State regulations and federal compliance are always changing, which means you’ll need to stay on top of them to avoid hefty fines that can hurt both your business’s profit and reputation.

When you partner with an experienced PEO such as PER, you are provided with resources and solutions to your business challenges, helping enhance the productivity of your business. If you’re a company with a minimum of 5 employees who is looking for assistance with your administrative burdens, we can help! For additional information, or to learn how we can guide you in ways you can grow your business, check out our frequently asked questions page or contact us to receive a free cost analysis by calling 888.599.4991


Every employee at PER is friendly, helpful and dependable. Their outstanding service is unequivocal and they always go above and beyond to ensure total satisfaction!

Stephanie - President - Wellness Spa - Florida

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