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Why You Should Use Pre-Employment Testing

Why You Should Use Pre-Employment Testing

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A lot of people don’t understand how much time hiring a new person is. You can’t just hire anyone that walks in off the street – you need someone who can come in and provide value for your company.

It takes days to sort through resumes, applications, cover letters, and emails to find quality candidates. Then, it takes hours to meet with all potential candidates to make sure they are a good fit with the work culture and your current team.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can save you time and make the process significantly easier: pre-employment testing.

What is it?

Pre-employment testing can help employers find better matches for positions they need to fill by assessing candidates in several ways.

But what counts as a pre-employment test? A pre-employment test can be anything from a background check, a personality test, or even a skill test.  Some can help gauge work ability while others can give insight on a candidate’s confidence in specific situations.

When is it administered?

Most pre-employment tests usually take place before the initial interview, adding a preliminary screening step that will help narrow down the interview pool. In some cases, it is the very next step after an application or resume is identified as a potentially good fit.

Based on the answers given on the test, you can weed out unsatisfactory applicants, leaving you more time to interview only the best candidates.

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit from utilizing pre-employment testing is the time it saves. With a narrower selection comes less face to face interviews and a lighter strain on your resources.

The testing is also objective, which helps to eliminate bias and focus solely on the quality and skills you’re searching for. In addition, testing maintains focus on the subject at hand while gathering necessary information, making it more straightforward than a lot interviews.

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Partnering with PER has allowed our rapidly growing business to focus on our core competencies. We are now able to confidently handle HR issues professionally and offer “large company” Employee Benefits to attract the best talent in our industry.

Sunit - President - Luxury Travel Agency - Orlando, Florida

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