How to Manage Different Personalities in the Workplace

The first step in effectively managing employees is to accept their professional personality types—especially the ones that don’t match your own. Here’s a look at each kind of employee you might find in your office with some tips to help manage their unique needs.  

The Analytical 

Analytical employees aren’t known for being outgoing, but they are known for producing outstanding work. Often driven by perfectionism, the analytical easily understands numbers and figures but struggles with subjective expressions. Because these types of workers need consistency and organization, you can start their employment on the right foot by customizing your training sessions to be as objective as possible. 

The Driver 

Drivers are go-getters and goal setters. They’re active in their workplace, vocal, and dominant. These employees can take control of conversations, lead meetings, and take their team to the top; however, they need to feel challenged in their workplace and constantly engaged in tasks. To keep a driver interested, continuously set goals and consider implementing an award program that entices drivers to strive for company recognition. 

The Amiable 

As a patient, quiet, and likable coworker, an amiable is unlikely to make waves in the office. However, if an amiable feels uncomfortable in his or her workplace, he or she is more likely to look elsewhere for employment. To best manage these types of employees, check in and make sure that their needs are being met in their everyday activities. And when you need to reach out, try sending an email or a similar form of communication, because an amiable can easily feel cornered by confrontation. 

The Expressive 

Employees with an expressive personality type are eager to engage in conversation. They don’t like to be closed off from others or kept out of important projects where they could be useful. To cater to the needs of an expressive, manage them through one-on-one meetings where you can sit down and communicate your ideas, questions, and concerns. Or, consider distributing a survey where an expressive could detail their input.  

The Right HR Provider 

Although you should treat every employee with the same respect, you shouldn’t necessarily approach them all the same way. If you need help navigating the multiple personality types of your business, partner with the human resources provider that can accommodate all attitudes, Professional Employer Resources (PER). We can provide human resource services, like recognition programs, customized training seminars, and site-specific surveys, to help retain any type of personality. Contact us online or call 888-599-4990 today for a complimentary cost analysis for your business.

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