Are You a Good Candidate for a PEO?

When you’re choosing to work with a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, you’re taking an important step towards optimizing both costs and productivity for your company, so it is not something to be taken lightly. A quality PEO, like Professional Employer Resources, offers a host of benefi… Read more »

3 Reasons How Hiring a Payroll Service Saves You Money

For the majority of businesses, both big and small, managing payroll is a nightmare. It tends to be frustrating, time consuming, and costly. Struggling with payroll week after week can put a strain on your HR department and company budget. In many cases, outsourcing your payroll <… Read more »

The Importance of EPLI Coverage for Healthcare Providers

Employment Practices Liability Insurance, or EPLI, is quickly becoming a critical part of insurance portfolios for medical or dental practices all over. As more and more disgruntled employees are taking to lawsuits when they think they’ve been wronged. These lawsuits have the p… Read more »

What Service Does a Professional Employer Organization Provide?

A professional employer organization service can be a life saver for any new small or mid-sized business looking to get a footing in their industry. HR services are some of the most necessary but costly and time consuming services to provide employees, and outsourcing some … Read more »

The Benefits of Hiring a Payroll Service

Most businesses, especially small and mid-sized companies, don’t see any other option than handling their payroll in-house. However, managing a payroll can turn out to be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

Here are a few benefits of hiring an outside payroll service to handle your… Read more »

Why Offering Health Benefits Is Important to Your Business’ Success

Many large companies offer health benefits to employees as part of a comprehensive program to ensure the health and happiness of their workforce. It can be challenging for small and mid-size companies to follow suit – benefits can be costly and time-consuming … Read more »

Top Human Resources Trends for 2017

Over the last year, there has been a shift away from performance reviews and a shift toward technology and outsourcing in the world of human resources (HR). In 2017, we expect nothing less. The top HR trends reveal that the slant toward the future will continue as HR leaders will make way for th… Read more »

What A Successful Human Resources Department Entails

A thriving human resources (HR) department is one of the essential pieces to a successful business. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the factors that can turn any HR department into a flourishing part of the company. Understanding what HR should be doing is a great way to turn … Read more »


It is great to know that payroll, checks and taxes are in expert hands! The staff at PER are always accessible, professional, courteous, provide personalized service and able to meet all our needs in a very cooperative and friendly manner.

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