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Elevate and Empower Your Human Resources

Human Resources Department

Our Human Resources Department offers numerous services in order to ensure Federal and State compliance and incorporate quality, convenience and efficiency in your company’s daily functions.

Records Administration

Compliance with maintenance of employee records such as:

  • Individual employee files
  • Reported hours worked
  • Secure storage of files
  • Secure destruction of files after retention limits are reached inĀ  accordance with Federal guidelines

Federal and State Compliance

Our Human Resources Department can assist in all areas of Federal and State Compliance.

  • Compliance with COBRA, EEOC, I-9, FMLA, ADA, FLSA, OWBPA, Wage and Hour and other government regulations
  • Assistance with Federal Government investigations

Human Resource Forms

Human Resource related forms are available for company use.

  • Employment Applications
  • Time Card
  • Payroll Deduction Authorization
  • Payroll Change
  • Time Off Request
  • FMLA Application
  • Employee Appraisal
  • Progressive Disciplinary Report
  • Employee Termination
  • Employee Handbooks

PER offers assistance with internal policies and procedures specifically geared to your work-site and industry.

Wage and Salary Information

The Human Resources Department can assist with:

  • Creating job descriptions and job offer letters.
  • Correctly classifying employees as exempt vs. non-exempt
  • Preparation and delivery of severance agreements for employee separation

Management Consulting

Consulting on various management issues:

  • Coaching your management team to be successful
  • Guide new managers in trouble shooting employee issues
  • Assist in tracking information that relates to employee retention
  • Create site specific surveys to solicit feedback from employees for improvement
  • Sexual and non-sexual harassment training, implementing safeguards
  • Customized training seminars

Employee Related Issues

Consultation on correct procedures for employee issues such as:

  • Recruiting and new applicant screening
  • Create recognition and award programs
  • Proper verbiage for hiring, disciplining and terminating
  • Offer disciplinary counseling sessions


We coach, train and provide guidance with sexual harassment and non-sexual harassment employee relatedĀ investigations:

  • Hotline for alleged victims reporting
  • 3rd party unbiased assistance

Unemployment Management

We handle all areas of Unemployment Compensation.

  • Administration and defenses
  • Preparation and representation for hearings


Every employee at PER is friendly, helpful and dependable. Their outstanding service is unequivocal and they always go above and beyond to ensure total satisfaction!

Stephanie - President - Wellness Spa - Florida

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