How To Prevent Employee Burnout

If your employees feel exhausted, distance themselves from their job, and perform poorly at work, then according to the World Health Organization, you may have a case of workplace burnout. An official mental health condition as of 2019, burnout can stem from unmanageable work expectations, lack of communication, or biased treatment. If neglected, major workplace challenges, including presenteeism and less productivity, are more likely. If you’re aiming to keep your team from feelings of constant stress or frustration, take a look at how to prevent employee burnout. 

Offer Novelty at Work

When an employee excels in their role, it’s instinctive to continue assigning them the same types of tasks, but constantly doing so may take an employee’s excitement and passion away from work. Check in with your staff to learn who enjoys what and offer them the chance to work on assignments that excite them. If you distribute workloads and rotate responsibilities on a schedule, no one has to handle the same stressful setbacks week after week. 

Prioritize Active Listening 

When active listening is prioritized in conversations, teams will work better knowing they’re treated and cared for as people rather than overworked machines. In fact, when employees have a manager who listens to their work-related problems, they are 62% less likely to burn out. So, if an employee comes to you with their concerns, make sure they feel seen, validated, and understood before you start fixing any problems. 

Keep Off-Job Responsibilities on Your Radar

It’s a given to respect your employees’ personal lives, but circumstances may arise where you’re not the only person they report to for work. When employees have a lot on their plates — whether it’s balancing multiple jobs, freelancing on the side, or tending to other professional matters — burnout is more likely. While their off-job responsibilities shouldn’t hinder meeting your company goals, be mindful and considerate of what’s immediately needed. Don’t be afraid to clarify expectations, and don’t forget to lead with humanity.

Support Your Team 

If you’re looking to maintain a mentally well work culture, know that our team at Professional Employer Resources (PER) can help. We are experienced in assisting with everyday business operations, including human resources, records administration, and employee-related issues. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we can provide you with solutions that prevent your team from feeling overworked and overwhelmed. For additional information on how we can help guide your company towards healthy productivity, check out our frequently asked questions page or call us today at 888-599-4990.

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