How to Welcome a New Employee to the Team

New hires have a lot to take in on their first day — new names and faces to memorize, a new office floorplan to navigate, and a new copy machine to master. Fortunately, you can relieve a lot of their start-date stress just by welcoming them to the team with the some friendly and functional gestures.

Give Them an Office Tour

Perhaps the best way to welcome your new employee to the office is to personally show them around. Give your new hire the grand tour by leading them through the different departments, introducing them to your other staff members, and highlighting key points of interest — like the conference room, kitchen, and restrooms. Encourage them to take advantage of any amenities you offer to your employees, like complimentary snacks, coffee, or candy.

Decorate Their Workspace

Nothing says “welcome” like a personalized decoration. Something as simple as a handmade welcome sign and a few balloons will show your new hire just how much their contribution means to your team. Of course, you can also use this opportunity to go the extra mile for your newest team member. Make their first day one they’ll never forget by putting together a welcome package stocked with branded merchandise like a t-shirt, reusable water bottle, and stress ball.

Create a Reference Guide

Between the countless account logins and phone extensions, there are a lot of numbers, figures, and phrases that your new employee will have a hard time keeping track of. To prevent them from getting overwhelmed while trying to get comfortable with your office software and digital programs, compile a list of important passwords and key information that they can use as a quick index.

Review the Employee Handbook  

You should take the time to make sure your handbook is as clear as possible, but you should also take an extra minute to address any questions your new employee might still have about the contents. Walk them through essential sections of the handbook, including employee benefits, the company 401k plan, and workers’ compensation. Stick around to clear up any confusion, and make yourself available in the future if another question pops up.

Help Your New Hire With HR

At Professional Employer Resources (PER), we offer benefits and perks that employers can extend to their staff that will not only help you welcome new members to the team, but keep them satisfied well into their tenure. As a human resources provider, we can also assist your business by providing employee handbooks, maintaining employee payroll records, coaching your management team on HR best practices, and much more. For more information, contact us today.

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