How a PEO can assist with unemployment management

Learn about how a PEO can support your business’ unemployment management needs


From dealing with tax filings to keeping accurate employee records, unemployment management responsibilities can be burdensome and stressful for small businesses.


A professional employer organization (PEO) is a co-employer that works with your company as an off-site human resources department by taking on certain responsibilities your business needs to continue its day-to-day functions. 


Continue reading to learn about the support a PEO can provide for unemployment management. 


Keeping track of employee records

Employee record keeping is crucial to unemployment management for any company.


If an employee files an unemployment claim, it’s important to have all of their records organized and readily available.


There are federal and state guidelines to follow when it comes to how long to keep employee records on file. A PEO will provide you with all the guidance needed to ensure that all employee records are maintained in accordance with compliance. 


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State and federal taxes

Unemployment taxes are required to be paid by all employers on a federal level and state taxes vary. These are due quarterly and can affect your business when an employee successfully files an unemployment claim.


Working with a PEO can ensure that your business is up to date on filings and complying with state and federal regulations. 


In conclusion

Managing unemployment tasks for your small business can be a lot to handle without the right help. Hiring a PEO for your unemployment management is a great way to keep your company in compliance with federal and state laws, while also helping you stay focused on what your company does best. 


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PER offers numerous services in order to ensure federal and state compliance and incorporate quality, convenience, and efficiency in your company’s daily functions. Our human resource services include records administration and unemployment management. 


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