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Eighty five percent (85%) of all employment lawsuits can be prevented!

Retaliation: Recognizing A Hidden Threat in The Workplace

Retaliation claims are the "sleeper cells" of employment litigation. Camouflaged as an innocuous act, the retaliation claim typically remains dormant until activated by another, more egregious act. Are you able to successfully identify potential retaliation claims in your workplace? Consider the following. . .* (*These incidents are based on real cases. Names and other details have been changed.)
Bickering Managers + Sexual Harassment Complaint = 1 HR Headache You have two management level employees who are constantly arguing. It is no secret they would each like to see the other fired. You heard a rumor they almost went to blows about a scheduling issue and their screaming match was witnessed by other employees and customers. Before you get a chance to talk to them. . . Read more
FEDERAL UPDATES DOL Issues Final Rule on Joint Employers The Coronavirus and the Workplace STATE UPDATES California California Employers: Make Sure Your Wage Statements Have Your Legal Name California Required to Pay Employees for Time Spent Undergoing Security Checks Colorado: Colorado Issues New Wage Order 36 New Jersey: Final Regulations for New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law New Jersey Gives Job Protection to Organ and Bone Marrow Donors New Jersey's New Wage Statement Requirement New Jersey WARN Law Greatly Expanded
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