Benefits of Streamlining The Recruitment Process

Streamlining Hiring processRecruiting new employees can be an energizing but disruptive process. All too often daily business operations become subservient to HR activities like finding, interviewing, hiring and training new talent. And yet recruiting skilled employees can also be essential to growing a company’s productivity and bottom line. That’s why streamlining or even outsourcing the recruitment process can make good sense for overall cost and time management. Here are a few things for managers to keep in mind to efficiently search for great new team members.

Write Specific Job Descriptions

One of the best ways to streamline the recruiting process is to take extra care with job descriptions. You want to find a great match, so be as detailed as possible and honest about what kind of candidates you are hoping to attract. Time spent on this phase can be time saved on weeding out inappropriate applicants. You’re also less likely to waste other’s precious time.

Use your network and your team’s network

Often less than six degrees of separation will come between you or someone on your team and the right hire. Ask around, let the people in your extended networks know you are looking. Consider industry conferences, showcases, and other events as possible sources of information.

Harness the technology

There are software platforms designed to make large-scale recruiting faster and more efficient – use them. Among the most popular are BambooHR for new employees and Workable for online recruiting. There are also many apps and software platforms that target testing and assessment, recruitment marketing and applicant tracking. These technologies have been developed to save HR departments and team leaders time, money and hassles, so why not take advantage?

Out-source recruiting

If the thought of mounting a recruitment campaign is daunting due to busy schedules and urgent priorities, consider outsourcing the whole project, from writing and posting job descriptions to organizing and pre-interviewing candidates and scheduling interviews to followup.

Enlisting the help of a company like PER Human Resources can result in less disruption of day to day operations, access to professional support resources and tools, and ultimately, the choice of more candidates who are a great fit for the position. Call today to learn more and ask for a free cost analysis.

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