Manager Mistakes That Ruin Employee Engagement

Like most other internal issues, the longer you ignore problems with employee engagement, the harder they are to solve later on. On the other hand, the quicker businesses adapt to prevent such concerns, the easier they are to proactively put a stop to. That’s why company owners and, more specifically, managers need to correct their course of action and stop making mistakes that ruin employee engagement. 

Setting Unattainable Worker Expectations 

There’s a fine line between pushing your employees and pushing your employees too hard. Even if your staff clearly understands what’s expected of them, you can still run into issues when your management team simply expects too much. While there’s no clear measurement to know how much is too much, you can see that there’s an obvious issue when employees are struggling to meet deadlines, turning in rushed work, or consistently having to stay late.  

Failing to Recognize Strong Performance 

Employees don’t need to be thanked, rewarded, or even recognized every single time they do good work. But when it comes to big projects or big displays of effort, even a minimal amount of praise can make your staff feel genuinely appreciated and encourage employees to put forth the same amount of effort in the future. That’s why it’s important to send out congratulatory emails, financial bonuses, or other means of recognition to staff when they go the extra mile or show a general history of excellence.   

Showing Favoritism to Select Employees 

It’s critical that managers maintain a positive relationship with subordinates. But when managers show excessive leniency toward one or a few employees, it can disrupt relationships with those who don’t feel included in the circle. Favoritism may not only cause managers to unfairly give additional perks and rewards, but also falsify performance reviews and recommendations. This kind of behavior fosters an uneven, unfair, and unwanted work environment. 

Giving Unhelpful Performance Reviews

Both managers and the staff they supervise can take away valuable insights from performance reviews. However, when managers fail to explain the scores they assign, offer advice for how to improve, or recognize excellence in those that rank high, it can leave workers feeling discouraged about their performance and future with their employer. That’s why managers should never end a one-on-one evaluation without setting goals, answering questions, and giving a thorough review. 

Forgetting to Collect Employee Feedback 

One of the most, if not the most, critical mistakes made my managers is forgetting to collect employee feedback. Something as simple as an anonymous survey can provide insight on employee satisfaction and the general state of office culture. However, when managers fail to ask for the opinion of their staff, they almost always fail to understand their wants and needs.  

Elevate Employee Engagement With PER 

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