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Can You Make Your Workplace COVID-Free and Safe by Requiring Employees to Vaccinate?

Employers across the nation are considering whether they can make their workplaces COVID-free and safe by requiring employees to be vaccinated. Requiring employees to get certain vaccines is standard in some industries, such as the healthcare sector. However, whether it is right for your business necessitates careful consideration of issues, including whether you could be liable for adverse side effects. Read on to learn more.
Myth: Employees who quit are never entitled to unemployment benefits. Get the Facts
FEDERAL UPDATES Employee's Lawsuit Under the ADA Does Not Require Proof of an Adverse Action STATE UPDATES California: California: New CCPA Amendment Protects Employees, Applicants, and Independent Contractors From Discrimination Employer Action: Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards Colorado: New Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Michigan: COVID-19 Protections That Michigan Employers and Employees Need to Know About
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