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FFCRA Leave for School Closures and Child Care - What Do You Mean THAT Employee Gets It?!

Which of these employees are entitled to take Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leave to care for their child?
  1. A 3rd shift employee who is home during school hours.
  2. An employee who requests leave to care for his grilfriend's child.
  3. An employee working from home with a 17-year old.
  4. An employee whose child is a disabled adult.
Answer: All of them! Read on to understand the nuances of FFCRA leave for school closures and child care so you don't end up getting investigated by the US Department of Labor.* (*These incidents are based on real cases. Names and other details have been changed.)
FFCRA Leave for School Closures Even During Summer Break? YES! Are employees entitled to FFCRA leave to care for a child whose school is closed even during summer break when school would not be in session?  
FEDERAL UPDATES Returning Employees to Work CDC Adds 6 More COVID-19 Symptoms to Watch For EEOC: Employers Can Administer COVID-19 Test to Employees Employer Obligations Surrounding Face Masks/Coverings in the Workplace FFCRA Handbook Policies and Leave Request Forms Updated: FFCRA Documentation to Support Leave and Obtain Tax Creditsce STATE UPDATES California California Mandates COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave for Food Sector Workers Connecticut: Employer Extension for Connecticut Sexual Harassment Training New Jersey: Amendments to New Jersey's Mini-WARN Act Provides Much Needed Relief to Employer's Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Pennsylvania: Termination in Pennsylvania New Employee Notice Requirements and EMPLOYER Relief
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