Understanding Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary benefits provide supportive coverage that is layered on top ancillary benefitsof your traditional health insurance. Together with ancillary benefits, your health insurance coverage is more comprehensive and thorough.

Unique Benefits of Ancillary Insurance

Employers typically provide ancillary benefits to their employees, which will usually include dental, vision care, and life insurance.  Employers should consider their ability to access group pricing discounts and the advantages of a PEO administrator.

For the Employees

Employee health is an integral factor when it comes to employee autonomy and turnover rates – it also directly impacts an employee’s performance.  Ancillary insurance covers aspects of health that are sometimes overlooked. For example, the onset of computers and tablets creates eye strain, with data pointing toward it contributing to blurry eyesight over time. Dental care can also reveal underlying health problems that may require additional treatment. Scenarios such as these are where ancillary insurance steps in to help.

However, some employees may not know about ancillary benefits or are finally in a position to provide a secondary form of insurance for interested employees. Professional Employer Resources, Inc. offers ancillary benefits, as well as administrative relief and liability management when enacting these types of benefits. The onboarding process of additional forms of insurance can be laborious and riddled with costly mistakes – do it right the first time by contacting Professional Employer Resources, Inc. today at 888-599-4990.

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