What Service Does a Professional Employer Organization Provide?

A professional employer organization service can be a life saver for any new small or mid-sized business looking to get a footing in their industry. HR services are some of the most necessary but costly and time consuming services to provide employees, and outsourcing some of these responsibilities can have a major positive impact on a company’s efficiency.

Here are some services provided by a professional employer organization:

Basic HR

Basic HR services provided by a professional employer organization provider include the basic responsibilities of an HR department, such as keeping employee files, producing and distributing employee handbooks, and ensuring proper compliance with employment labor laws.

Payroll and Benefits

One of the more time consuming duties of an in-house HR department is the administration of payment and benefits. A professional employer organization will often pick health, dental and vision insurance plans, and handle all payroll services as well as the necessary taxes on employees’ income.

Workers’ Compensation Claims and Investments

Other financial considerations can come into play with HR, most notably handling employee investment accounts like a 401k or other retirement account. A professional employer organization can also manage workers’ compensation claims and oversee these proceedings.

Of course, a private and professional employer organization can do basically anything that an in-house HR department can and more, all in a way that’s more cost effective and saves time and unnecessary concentration for small business owners. For more information about the benefits of outsourced HR, contact Professional Employer Resources Inc. today!

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