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Titusville PEO Services

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In a co-employment relationship, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) assists with and assumes responsibility for critical business operations — from tax filings to retirement benefits. This allows business owners to maintain control of their daily operations and the direction of their organization. As a Central Florida PEO, or employer of record, Professional Employer Resources (PER) provides the very same services to companies in and around Titusville. Learn more about our Titusville PEO services below. 

Payroll Administration 

As your business changes, so do its payroll policies. If you’re struggling to keep up with payroll administration, our staff can step in to help with:   

  • Job management reports 
  • New hire reporting compliance 
  • Comprehensive payroll deductions 
  • Payroll tax reporting 
  • Employment verification 
  • Garnishment and levy administration 

Human Resources 

Educated and experienced, our HR team can assist you with a number of operations, provide forms, and offer guidance to your management team. Furthermore, we offer consultation on the appropriate procedures for employee-related issues, which includes: 

  • Creating employee recognition programs 
  • Screening new applicants 
  • Organizing disciplinary counseling sessions 

Benefits Administration 

Benefits administration is something every business owner wants to get right. That’s why we offer leading insurance plans to provide you and your employees peace of mind. Our voluntary ancillary coverage features:

  • Dental insurance 
  • Vision insurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance

Workers’ Compensation Management 

At PER, we offer workers’ compensation management insurance to all of our clients. In addition to taking on the responsibilities of administration, we’ll also work directly with carriers, help with the creation of light-duty work for injured employees, and organize safety training seminars. 

401(k) Plan Administration 

If you’re looking for a well-rounded 401(k) solution, look no further than PER. Serving as the plan sponsor, we help by alleviating administrative tasks such as government filings, annual compliance tests, and investment menu monitoring. Moreover, our professional investment advisors help us provide you with diverse investment options in low-cost share classes. 

Data Access Center Entry 

To make information easy to access for both you and your employees, we offer free data access center entry. Through the employer accessibility feature, you can easily retrieve custom reports, payroll reports, and HR reports. Likewise, through the employee accessibility feature, your staff can find: 

  • W-2’s
  • Pay stubs 
  • Historical records 

Other Services 

Our goal is to offer you cost-effective, comprehensive solutions that work for your growing organization. In addition to those mentioned above, we also offer the following Titusville PEO services: 

  • Pay card options 
  • Direct deposit
  • Credit union access 

To talk more about our services or discuss how your business could benefit from co-employment, contact us today. 


Partnering with PER has allowed our rapidly growing business to focus on our core competencies. We are now able to confidently handle HR issues professionally and offer “large company” Employee Benefits to attract the best talent in our industry.

Sunit - President - Luxury Travel Agency - Orlando, Florida

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