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Winter Park PEO Services

Winter Park PEO Services- Human Resources

At Professional Employer Resources (PER), our team of human resources providers, compliance experts, and payroll administrators each play an essential part in our larger role as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). These departments work together to help with federal and state compliance, administer payroll and benefits, and provide HR assistance to our clients. Here’s a closer look at the Winter Park PEO services we provide to small- and mid-sized businesses like yours. 

Payroll Administration

To help you avoid payroll problems, we’ll work with you to create a payroll system that includes services like: 

  • Alien expiration monitoring
  • New-hire reporting compliance
  • E-Verify administration
  • Payroll tax reporting and year end W2s
  • Comprehensive payroll deductions
  • Garnishment and levy administration

Human Resources

The bigger your business gets, the more HR-related responsibilities there are to take care of. Let our HR department help with: 

  • Management consulting 
  • Records administration 
  • Wage and salary organization 
  • Unemployment management 
  • Federal and state compliance 

Benefits Administration

From health and dental to life and vision, our benefits administration department can offer your staff the coverage they need most. In addition, we can provide your employees with ancillary benefits such as: 

  • Accident insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Cancer insurance
  • Specified health event protection insurance 
  • Hospital indemnity insurance 

Workers’ Compensation Management

We make workers’ compensation insurance available to each of our clients while assisting with all of the administration required. Because every business is required to hold this type of policy, we’re also dedicated to educating companies on why it matters and what it includes. 

401(k) Plan Administration 

Making retirement plans easy and affordable to access is one of our main goals as a Winter Park PEO. That’s why we group plans to offer significant buying power to our clients. When you work with us to design a retirement plan, you’ll also have contact with:

  • An ERISA attorney
  • A plan investment adviser
  • Participant investment advisers
  • A plan administrator

Data Access Center Entry 

Every document and report you and your staff could need is easy to reach in our data access center. The online employer accessibility features allow you to: 

  • Check payroll reports 
  • Create custom reports
  • Submit employee changes

In addition, your employees can use our data access center to: 

  • Print copies of pay stubs 
  • Verify their personal information 
  • Print W-2’s and W-4’s 
  • Check historical records 

Other Services

Diversify your PEO service package with one or more of our extra options. Additional services available to our clients include: 

  • Credit union access 
  • Employment practices liability insurance 
  • Direct deposit to any financial institution in the United States 
  • Pay cards to employees that are eligible for direct deposit 

If you’re interested in any of our Winter Park PEO services mentioned above, contact us today. 


It is great to know that payroll, checks and taxes are in expert hands! The staff at PER are always accessible, professional, courteous, provide personalized service and able to meet all our needs in a very cooperative and friendly manner.

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