Everything You Need to Know About Employee Feedback

Report cards can determine whether a student makes the dean’s list or ends up in the dean’s office, which is why teachers rarely wait until the end of the semester to provide feedback. Similarly, performance evaluations determine whether working professionals need to keep up the good work or put in extra effort. However, not every employer is as considerate with the timing of their criticism.    

Performance reviews and annual evaluations are undoubtedly valuable to both employers and their staff, which is why feedback sessions shouldn’t only happen once or twice a year. If your company is falling behind on feedback, here are some tips to help you catch up.  

Start Putting Feedback First 

If you already adhere to once-yearly individual evaluations, you might wonder what’s really in it for you when it comes to additional feedback. Through consistent and clear feedback sessions, you can improve your operations by: 

  • gauging employee satisfaction 
  • setting objective goals 
  • measuring employee success  

Find the Balance Between Give and Take 

There are more than a few ways to give feedback, but you also need to adopt methods to improve how your feedback is received. That’s right; response from your employees should play a big part in your feedback policy. Depending on your leadership style and your company as a whole, you can keep in touch with your staff by using the following techniques.  

  • Send surveys

    Surveys anonymously allow employees to voice their opinions, address concerns, and vote on office amendments. 

  • Appoint mentors

    Newcomers to your company can easily blend in with your workforce when they feel connected, guided, and supported. Appointing mentors gives them the opportunity to ask questions and learn from successful staff members. 

  • Evaluate performance

    While casual feedback establishes strong connections, you should still make room for the occasional sit-down evaluation. 

  • Set goals

    The only way to measure an employee’s progression since your last meeting is to set goals. 

  • Check in

    Feedback sessions don’t always have to be formal affairs. By regularly checking in, you can maintain contact and encourage employees to continue working toward their goals.  

Get the Fix for Your Feedback 

Whether you have specific areas to improve or a need for an overall update, the team at Professional Employer Resources (PER) has the management consulting services to guide your team to success. As an HR provider, we can help create surveys tailored to your company, policies, and any updates around your office that will bring out the most effective responses from your staff. And, we can assist in minimizing employee issues through recognition programs and other feedback-forward solutions. To take the first step with your new evaluation system, contact us today at 888-599-4990.

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