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per aug 2022 protecting pregnant employees from themselves

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Protecting Pregnant Employees From Themselves – I Can Do That, Right?

As a manager, you care about your employees and want to do right by them. Sometimes it means protecting them from themselves, right? While altruistic employers can create positive workplaces by showing employees they care about their health and safety, employers can get in trouble when actions intended to be helpful actually discriminate. This is what happened when one employer sought to protect a pregnant employee.

Read on so you don’t make a similar mistake!

per apr 2022 myths facts

Myth: If an employee exceeds an employer’s policy on the maximum number of absences, the employer can discipline the employee, regardless of the reason for the absence.

Read on to get the FACTS.

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City of Los Angeles: Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance

Illinois: CROWN Act Prohibits Hair Discrimination

Vacation Paid Out at Termination Beginning January 1

Harassment Need Not Be Severe or Pervasive

CROWN Act Prohibits Natural Hair Discrimination

Court Ruling Could Increase Minimum Wage to $12 and Give Paid Sick Leave to All

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