PER Human Resources – Aug 2023

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Not the type of “Kicking a$$” we want in the workplace


Imagine an employee using profanity and having outbursts with co-workers, even telling customers he’s going to “kick their ass.” How would you handle this situation? Pretty simple, right? The employee would be fired.


What if the employee claims their outbursts are due to their disability? Would you fear firing the employee would be discriminatory?


Read on to learn more details and what our HR Experts had to say in this real life situation.

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What do you do if your employee’s disability conflicts with a customer’s disability? How do you satisfy your obligations to both individuals?


Consider this situation: a customer comes into your restaurant with a service dog. The customer is seated with one of your experienced servers. Your server comes to you and says that he cannot serve this person because he is deathly afraid of dogs, to the point of having a panic disorder about it.


What would you do?

  1. Ask the customer to leave. You cannot have your employee feel uncomfortable.
  2. Tell your employee that he can give the table to another server.
  3. Tell the employee to go home and stay home. You cannot have him working if he cannot serve all customers.
  4. Ask the employee what he would suggest.

Read on for the best answer to this dilemma.

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