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Are you Kidding Me?


I Don’t Have to
Investigate That, Right?


A male employee complains to HR that he has been subjected to a “hostile work environment.” When asked to explain, the male employee describes a single incident. Apparently, a female co-worker walked past a window, which had shown light through her silk blouse. The light revealed the outline of her breasts – and he felt harassed.


What should HR do? Read on to learn how this situation should be handled.

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A member asked the following question about how to handle a situation where a customer is harassing a manager. Read on for guidance on how to handle these sensitive situations.


During the course of our sexual harassment prevention training with our managers and supervisors, a question came up that I was unable to answer.


As part of the training, we explained we have a responsibility to protect our employees from sexual harassment. We explained if managers see an employee being harassed by a customer, the manager should step in to finish serving the customer and send the employee to do another task. This removes the employee from the situation.


If it is late at night and it is just the Shift Manager and another employee working, and a customer is sexually harassing the Shift Manager, what should the manager do? I know our company has an obligation to protect the Shift Manager from that kind of sexual harassment but how can we handle it?

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