PER Human Resources – Mar 2023

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per mar 2023 disabled employee

Disabled Employee Who Can’t Perform Essential Job Duties


Your employee can’t perform an essential job duty but tells you it’s because she is disabled. You know you’re supposed to accommodate disabilities, but this is one of the employee’s essential job duties. How do you accommodate it? Are you supposed to give this duty to another employee? No, absolutely not. So, what do you do?

PER brainteaser jan 2023

An employee has used all of his 12 weeks of FMLA leave but informs you his doctor says he cannot work for another month. So now what?

  1. You are no longer required to reinstate him to his position. If fact, since he has exhausted his leave, you can terminate him if he does not return to work immediately.
  2. This employee may be entitled to the additional month of leave and reinstatement to his position when he returns.

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PER hr new laws and regulations


Federal Ban on Non-Competes May Be Coming Soon

Highly Compensated Employees Still Entitled to Overtime

NLRB Decision on Severance Agreements Affects All Employers


California: AB 51 Mandatory Arbitration Ban Blocked


Illinois: Each Biometric Scan is Serparate Violation


Michigan: Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Will Not Change


New Jersey: Employers of Minors Must Register with State

New Jersey: Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights


New York: Expanded Lactation Accommodations

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