PER Human Resources – Jun 2023

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per jun 2023 your survival tips

Your Survival Tips For a DOL Audit


The DOL has increased its efforts to audit businesses for compliance with wage and hour and occupational safety standards. Often businesses have no advance notice. Check out our tips for surviving an audit so you’re prepared if the DOL comes knocking!


per jun 2023 myths facts

Here are two myths we commonly hear:

  1. Employees who are paid a salary don’t get paid overtime; and
  2. Having a job title like “manager” with some supervisory duties means an employee doesn’t get paid overtime.

Read on for the facts!

PER hr new laws and regulations


DOL Releases Guidance on PUMP Act


Form I-9 Remote Inspection of Documents Ends



E-Verify Required July 1 for Most Employers



Voting Leave Amendment



Amendments to Unpaid Parental Leave


Paid Family and Medical Leave Passed


Paid Sick Leave for All Employees


Pregnant and Lactating Employees


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