PER Human Resources – May 2023

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Is an Employee’s X-Rated OnlyFans Cause for Alarm


Many employees moonlight to make ends meet, which is permissible as long as their other job doesn’t interfere with the workplace. What would you do if you learned an employee’s second job creating sexually explicit content on OnlyFans caused one of your managers to engage in questionable off-duty behavior?


Read on to learn how one HR Manager handled this unique situation.


per newsletter feb 2023 ask the

An employee has used all of his 12 weeks of FMLA leave but informs you his doctor says he cannot work for another month. So now what? We have a cook who recently returned from a medical leave of absence. The cook is on light duty, but we discovered he is taking medication related to his recovery. We are concerned the medication may have side effects (such as drowsiness or dizziness) that may place the employee in danger. What can we do to ensure the employee remains safe at work?


Read on to learn more.

PER hr new laws and regulations


EEOC Increases Penalty for Poster Violations


New Jersey Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights Notice Required May 7


Crime Victim Leave Amended


PFML Rule Regarding Employer Size


Amends Definitions of Religious Creed, Sex, and Race


New Employment Laws Coming Your Way!

Organ Donation Leave July 1

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