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True Story: Unwanted Work Birthday Party Results in $450,000 Jury Award
What do you do if you're an employer who celebrates employees' birthdays with a simple get together in the breakroom - a quick happy birthday song and some cake - but one of your employees asks you not celebrate his birthday because he has an anxiety disorder and it will cause him significant stress? What's the big deal? It's a two-minute celebration. Be sure you DON'T throw the unwanted birthday party! If you do, you could end up paying $450,000 to the employee like Gravity Diagnostics. Read on so you don't make the same mistake!

MYTH: Employees must specifically ask for a "reasonable accommodation" to trigger an employer's obligation under the Americans with Disabilities Act Read on for the FACTS. FLORIDA Florida Restricts Topics Employers Can Discuss in Employee Trainings MARYLAND Maryland Overrides Veto and Passes Paid Family and Medical Leave MISSISSIPPI Mississippi Passes Equal Pay Law VIRGINIA Virginia Will Repeal Overtime Wage Act, Follow FLSA Again WASHINGTON Washington Amends Paid Family Leave Act Effective June 9 Washington to Require Salary Range in Job Postings

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